Monday, May 05, 2008

My dwindling blog posts

Sorry gang. I know I've barely been here for the past few weeks, and my posts have been pretty short. Work, soccer, track...The days fly by.

I've stitched a little. I'm working on a biscornu or two for kicks. Our Monthly Finishing Challenge for May is a biscornu, and my Yahoo group is exchanging biscornus in July. I've been wanting to try one, so there's no better time than the present! No photos yet, but maybe I'll have one of a Quaker-style biscornu by the end of the week. I have a long track meet coming up on Tuesday, and I've become pretty good at stitching at these meets.

I had a long-distance stitching friend visit me last week! Hella is from Lubeck, Germany, and we figure that we've been pen-pals over the past 14 or so years. She's been to the US several times, and she's visited with me each time - sometimes very briefly, sometimes for a couple of days. We just seem to connect. Our kids are close in ages, we both like to stitch and quilt, and we seem to think the same about many things. Hella is a talented and generous quilter, and she and her friend Anna decided to visit Berlin, Ohio to take some quilting classes and wouldn't you know it, they ended up teaching a class themselves! Like I said...talented and generous! So on their way back to Phila. International Airport, they took a detour to my little town here, and we had a lovely visit and I made us all dinner. There was lots of stash show and tell and sharing and that's always so much fun!

Soccer? I've done so many games recently that I've lost count. My Saturdays are usually lots of fun, doing small-sided, in-house games of kids under age 10. Sundays are pretty good, too, but much more challenging for me because I've been assigned to the Under 18's and Under 17's. Those games are full length (90 minutes) and larger teams (11 vs 11) and on much bigger fields (100 yards long). Play is much faster and I'm sorry to say this, but much meaner. We've even had a fight break out this year during a U17 Boys game. Still, I'm learning many things by being exposed to all of these situations. I go to the required classes every year, but there's nothing like experiencing it on the field.

On the family front, Colleen is having an awesome track season. And prom is next Friday. The dress is hemmed, the jewelry and shoe decisions are made, and the hairdresser appointment is scheduled. I think she's pretty well organized. I'm so happy because she mentioned that she wants to do something with me before Prom, so I'll pick her up from school early and we'll go have a nice lunch somewhere before we head to the hairdresser's. We did that once before a dance last year, and she said it made the day feel more special. Is she the sweetest daughter I could ever ask for, or what?

John is moving home for the summer on Saturday. He has three finals today, so you know he'll be on my mind all day.

And I've just finished sending the invitations out for our Anniversary party. I'm keeping my fingers AND toes crossed for good weather over Memorial Day weekend!

But as for today, there are bills to be paid and bills to mail out. Money out. It never ends!


  1. How delightful that your friends could stop to visit. That must have been exciting.

    Spring always seems the busiest season to me.

  2. How nice to meet some stitching friends, especially your pals from overseas.
    I hope Colleen has a wonderful time at the prom. She seems to have it all together with everything (both of your kids), so you guys did a great job.