Monday, July 07, 2008

Come and gone

Well, there goes another holiday weekend. I look forward to them so much, and then they fly by. I think we all really need FOUR days.

Friday was rainy and dreary, so all of our 4th of July stuff was postponed. But it's no problem when you are a stitcher, right? I was able to finish this:
That's a freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs, found on the Hoffman SOS website. You can get one for yourself here. The fabric is some kind of tan linen that I had in my scrap stash, and I used the recommended Crescent Colours threads. I've seen it stitched in DMC also, and it was very nice either way. I have some neat watermelon fabric, so I'm guessing it'll become a flat fold, unless I come across a perfect (and cheap) frame for it.

So on Friday I stitched the afternoon away, and watched the second DVD of the HBO series John Adams. I hadn't planned it, but it was very appropriate for the day!

Had a late afternoon run in the rain, which was just lovely. No - I'm not being sarcastic. As long as there is no lightning, running in a summer rain is really quite nice. Then we went to a couple of picnics in the evening...eating between the raindrops.

There were more parties and picnics (and eating) on Saturday, and by Sunday we had had our fill of picnic food, so I made a turkey breast with all the trimmings for dinner.

But...back to speaking of running, pop on over toFaith Ann's blog and give her an AttaGirl! Over the weekend she did a 5 mile run. I can't explain why, but five miles feels huge when you're working your running program. It makes you feel like you made it and that nothing can stop you now. Pretty awesome.

Next in the stitching lineup: A biscornu for an exchange, a scissor pocket for the Monthly Finishing Challenge, and I want to catch up on the Brides' Tree SAL. I'm a month behind, and I hate being behind. And there's always Tree of Life...waiting patiently.

All of this and vacation, too? It'll be a miracle.


  1. Your Bluebird and Daisy sampler came out lovely. Congrats on the finish and thanks for passing on the link for the free pattern. HAppy Stitching, CJ

  2. Oooh I love how the BRD freebie stitched up. It's so pretty.