Monday, July 28, 2008

I promise...

This'll be the last one for a while. I really need to move on with my stitching life. Variety, variety, variety. But anyways...I enjoyed stitching the other pockets, but this one was particularly fun because I really had to wing it.

Let's all tell the truth - there's nothing more exciting than looking at something and deciding that you absolutely can figure out how to make it on your own - and then you actually do it. I've had lots of those types of delusions of crafty-greatness that have gone down in flames. So for one to work out? Heavenly.

By now you'll have noticed that there is no ribbon or other closure attached. Oh yeah...I was kicking myself and thinking I'd have to take it apart. But I was on vacation and I was determined not to stress over anything, so I just put it away until I was home again.

So I came home and started fiddling with my box of buttons and ribbons and came across this button!
Which totally worked. I'll tell ya - the stitching gods were smiling on me with this little project.

The "H" is because it's for my friend Hella, who lives in Germany. The fabric is from a grab-bag, so I know it's 28 count, but that's about all I can tell you. The design is from "Elegant Breadcovers II" by Carolina Cross Stitch and I'm guessing it was published in 1985 and probably OOP. I adapted one of the monogram breadcovers to suit my needs. And the threads are DMC.

I have to run. Piles of after-vacation work are still staring at me, even though it's 2:30 in the afternoon and I've been working all day. But I have to thank Marianne and Cheryl for a couple of great awards, which I'll post about just a little later. And I'll tell you about my fabulous vacation. Folks - I didn't have to cook dinner even once. So till then...


  1. Delusions of carfty greatness...LOL. I have those. Every day.

  2. Oh my Goodness Lee! Its beautiful and you didn't have to use a tutorial? I so would have had to and would have had to read it a half dozen times and then would have changed my mind and decided it was too hard! LOL!
    July is almost over, Only a little over three months until another, non cooking vacation!

  3. WOW! What a great finish!
    THe little scissor charm/button was brilliant!
    Looks great!
    Thanks for the lasik advice. Right now I am still in the information gathering stage, but I know eventually I will have to take that last (gulp!) leap of faith!

  4. Last comment of the night...; )
    Wow-that is darn clever! And it's really sweet as can be.
    Can't wait to hear about your vacation.

  5. Your sicssor pouch looks great - I think the scissor button is a lovely way to fasten it!

  6. Welcome back from vacation.

    The scissor pocket is beautiful. I love the colors and the little scissor charm is just perfect on there.

  7. It's perfectly lovely, congrats on a fabulous finish. CJ

  8. Great finish! You might have to start a scissors pocket SAL for next year. :-)