Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Not much is happening here at the O'Neil house this week.

The kids are going in different directions between cross country practices and jobs and friends, so they're not home much. Dave is spending most of his leisure time at the golf course. I've been working, putzing in the garden (whenever it's not raining and that seems like always), and plugging along reading The Blind Assassin. This book is really dragging, but for some reason I'm determined to finish it.

We've been to several graduation parties and they've been great fun, but I have to say that I've been disappointed because NONE of them have had cake! What's wrong with parents these days? Oh...there have been desserts. Brownies, fruit, cookies. But no cake!

I've stitched a little while watching TV. (Mostly Netflix). I'm working on that new Blue Ribbon Designs freebie. I finish-finished Tea Time. I changed my mind about finishing it as a pillow, because I saw this perfectly perfect sized box at JoAnn's last week, so I used the fabric I had bought to line the outside and inside of the box, and did a very un-fancy job of mounting the stitching to the box lid.

And I seem to be stuck on a "tea" theme, because I finished another little project that I'll show you later. (Ooooo. Mysterious.)

Is anyone else looking forward to the holiday weekend? My neighbors asked me to judge the yearly kids' bike parade. Each July 4 our community has big goings-on, and the day starts with a bike parade in my neighbor's circular driveway. It's kind of crazy...mostly because some kids don't get that it's a parade, not a race, so they fly around this fairly small circle as fast as they can, trailing balloons and streamers and whatever else they have attached to their crazy bikes. Then there's the inevitable crash and tears. But it's all followed by a treat bag and prizes, so it's all good.

Then we have field races, swimming races, boat races, jumping contests, a tug of war, an egg toss, water balloons, treasure hunts, and hot dogs. Almost everybody gets into the act - even those of us who aren't fast runners or swimmers can manage to toss a water balloon or act as an anchor for a tug of war!

Ah well. Time to get to work. Have a great day!


  1. Your "tea box" turned out beautifully. What a great idea. I love the fabric.

    Your celebration for the 4th sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer day! Have fun.

  2. What a great box. You did a beautiful job matching the floss to the fabric and finishing the piece. Very cool.

    Keep those tea items coming - I'm still waiting to find a teapot pattern for the SAL. I've seen a few teacup patterns I like well enough, but no pots yet.

  3. Sounds like you'll have a great 4th. I have no plans, just going to chill with the parents, maybe throw a couple poppers, light a few snakes! This isn't my favorite holiday. I always liked it until I grew up and had to work every day. I don't appreciate the fireworks I've been hearing since last Friday. Hello, some of us have to get up at 6 am! How about I go to their home and light fireworks at that hour!
    I lave your tea box. Is it a wooden or cardboard box? I'm trying to think whether I've seen something similar at my Joanns and I can't think that I have. They have some decent sales starting on Thursday. I'm bummed though that DMC is only on sale 4 for $1. I guess the days of 5 or 6 for $1 are no longer.
    Looking foward to see your secret piece and your progess on Bluebirds.
    Have a very happy 4th!

  4. Your Tea Time box turned out lovely. Sounds like your neighbourhood will have lots of fun on the 4th, enjoy.

  5. The perfect tea box! Will you keep assorted teas in it? : )
    I guess if you tell the little stinkers through a bullhorn or something that they are strutting their stuff, maybe they'll slow down. Or have a photographer or two along the way. : ) I'm sure you'll make the perfect judge.