Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scissor pockets rock!

Besides, they're so useful! Where else should we keep our scissors? Certainly not sitting out in the open where every Tom Dick and Harry (AKA Dave, John, and Colleen) can see them and use them. So everyone needs a scissor pocket. Or many scissor pockets.

And Julie, especially needed one, because in my opinion she really needs to get with the program and collect more scissors.

Just kidding, Julie. Well maybe not really because I think that everyone should always have more scissors. So I wouldn't want you to feel left out...

I'll convert her, yet.

So, here's the front. It's taken from a chart by Twisted Oaks Designs' French Monogram Collection II, stitched on white aida, and stitched with CC Ruby Slippers.



In other news, I went to Erie again yesterday, but this time it was to meet up with Hella and her wonderful 3 children for a day of shopping, eating, and hanging at the beach. Such a dear friend and such lovely kids. I say kids, but they're in their teens and twenties.

Our vacation starts SUNDAY (!) so, I had better get my butsky in gear and get some job-related work done. I don't know if I'll have a chance to post before we leave, because if I have any spare time, I. Must. Make. More. Scissor. Pockets.

Oh. This is bad.


  1. That is one beautiful scissor pocket!

  2. Cute! and I love the fabric you used for backing.

  3. Love the scissor pocket! I agree - one can never have too many scissors! LOL

  4. I've awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Enjoy!

  5. You did good and thanks for using Aida. I like Aida and have to use white when I do the Love Quilts squares, but it's nice in different colors too.
    You should sell these on etsy! : )

  6. Wonderful scissor pocket :)

  7. Lee love your scissor pockets! I have to say I awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award too! : )

  8. I love, love, love it - and it has my initial on it! Weeee! F is for Felicity

  9. Oooooooh, GORGEOUS! I love the deep read color of the thread and the fabric that you chose. Yum!

  10. LOL! So, you think I need more scissors? Well, I do since those you sent were promptly stolen by my FATHER. Gasp! He wants you to get him some ??? forcep thingys. LOL They're great for fishing and hunting.
    Thank You again for this lovely gift. I'm looking forward to making some of my own soon.
    I hope you enjoyed your time away. Where did you go?