Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little stitching, a little blathering

Well gang, I'm slowly working my way back. Some form of organization (and sanity) is returning to my home, and I've had a couple of spare moments to play with my stitching.

Here's my latest contribution to the Monthly Finishing Challenge - this month's challenge was a scissor fob, which I barely finished in time before August ran out. And it's very simple. After going great guns with those scissor pockets, I felt like I just phoned this one in. But really...who needs a giant scissor fob? I took these motifs from DT's Souvenir Sampler (yes...I've unearthed it again), and I just happened to have received some fabric samples from Vicki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fabrics, so it all worked out! I used those plastic pellets for stuffing. I like the heft it gave to the fob. And now that I've had my first experience with these devils, I've learned a valuable lesson about preparing your work surface before you try to fill anything with this stuff or you'll be picking pellets up from your rug and from between your toes for days. In other words, I should have used a box top or something as a work surface to catch all of those little escapees.

From time to time I've been working on a biscornu kit that I had bought for an exchange with my Yahoo group. But July kind of confounded me, and I didn't finish it in time to make the deadline. I can only work on it in small spurts because the "over-one" stitching really tires my eyes out. But I love the colors and I feel as if I'm coming into the home stretch on this one. Today is a lovely, sunny day, and this will be a good project to take out on the porch.

And like I said earlier, I took out Souvenir Sampler again. Thursday evening I accomplished this:
Good God, it took me over 90 minutes! But here we have another valuable lesson! When stitching Celtic knot style stuff, don't get all cocky and think you can stitch all of one color and then all of another. There are like a million possible mistakes you can make, which you may not find until you've worked your way all the way around. And then you get to rip it all out. Yay. we are, back for another school year. Johnny went back to college on the 21st - and shall we talk about stress? He was really worried about whether or not he'd make the cut for the cross country team, so arriving for xc camp was not the happy experience he had last year. And you know how kids can be...that stress and anxiety spilled over into so many other things. (As in how he talks to and treats his mother.) But in the end, he ran a qualifying time - Phew. Academically, he's got some tough classes, with Organic Chemistry topping the list. (He about died when he realized how much those books were going to cost him.) I just hope he stays healthy and keeps up his grades. Did I mention that he had a 4.0 last semester? What? I forgot to brag blog about that? I must be slacking.

Colleen went back to school on the 25th, and Senior-itis started by... oh...let's say the 27th. I hope it'll pass though - she's got a great schedule and she's running well, also. Other than the normal high school aggravations, she should have a very good semester.

We had her cross country team here yesterday morning for breakfast. On Saturdays they do "fun runs", and they try to get off the town roads and head to the mountains and our country roads. So a couple times each year we invite them here and then have a big breakfast afterwards. Over the past 6 years, I've become pretty good at making breakfast for 40 hungry teenage runners. I've discovered that the key is not stressing out over it too much, because these kids will eat anything and love it. And boy-oh-boy, can they put away a meal!

Well, that's all I can think of for today. I'm going to get dressed and head outside for a walk. No running today, because yesterday in one of my more elegant moments, I fell down the steps and landed on my right knee. And now it complains loudly when I walk down steps. I think another day off is in order, and so I'll walk and listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on my MP3 player and look like a laughing lunatic as I walk down the road.

The neighbors love me.


  1. My daughter is in xcountry (middle school, so not the same level as high school.) I cannot imagine how much food you need to have for 40 high schoolers who have just run several miles!!!

    Good luck to both of your kids and their new school year :)

  2. We're knee boo-boo buddies! (See the skim board incident.) I think I did the Celtic knot on Souvenir Sampler twice. So you're doing great on that!
    Nice fob.

  3. Ah the orgo book price. Two years ago I think my DD paid $450. I nearly died. It did have a good resale value at the end of the year.

    I miss having kiddos in cross country - or for that matter - boyfriends (boy, that was a long time ago...)

  4. Nice to see a chatty post with photos from you! Great stitching-thanks for the hints.
    For the big breakfast-you could do a couple of casseroles-you know the layered kind with hash browns and eggs and also a big bowl of cut up fruit.
    Sean went back on the 23rd. He has all Geography classes this semester. He pulled about a 3.3 last semester. 4.0 is great for John! Smart guy.

  5. Oh gosh, it's a long haul once you start sending them off to school isn't it? I wonder if I'll be this stressed when DS goes to university each year as I am now with kindergarten!!

    I hope both of your kids have a great year. It's nice that they have activities they enjoy to balance their academics.

    Wow. Feeding 40 hungry teenagers. I am bowing in awe.

  6. That's a lovely scissor fob. My tip for working with plastic pellets : use a funnel when filling something with them that seems to help cut down on the mess!