Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My dashboard

Yikes. I get sad when I log into my Blogger and get to my dashboard to see that my own personal blog is last on the list. Meaning that I'm just a total slacker at updating my blog.

I'll get to writing a decent post soon. Life has been a bit overwhelming for the past couple of weeks. Work, my mother, my kids. It gets crazy. And then I get into that cycle of having too much to write, but can't get to it, and then when I do get to it, it seems dreadfully dull. So I put it off. And so on and so on, but I'll get inspired soon, I just know it.

Well, before I sign off and go type, type, type pages of meeting minutes (ugh), I have to thank Erica for the su-wheet "Brillante weblog" award. How very nice of her! And she obviously is referring to past entries, because the lameness of my recent stuff is far from brilliant.

So thanks Erica! And I'll get to passing the award in the near future!


  1. Hang in has a way of keeping us busy :)

  2. Life happens to us all, doesn't it? Don't worry about posting. You'll come back when you're ready. :)