Friday, September 12, 2008

A bad case of Start-itis

It's one thing having a few WIP's around. I can deal with that. But the other day I was looking around at the little piles of boxes laying around my house. Plastic tote boxes, little wooden boxes, adorable square tins...and each one is housing some kind of project in some stage of stitching. And then I began opening some of them and yikes! I found projects that I had totally forgotten about. This is bad.

So what did I do??

I started two new projects.

This first pic is some test stitching for a Yahoo group SAL sampler. I'm trying out some silk threads and some fabric to see if I like the colors and coverage. I think I like this...The fabric is 25 ct. bone lugana, which is a little bigger count than the fabrics that I usually use. But I like the look.

Next up is a little freebie by Waxing Moon. I started it a couple days ago, but put it down to fool with the sampler project. That's some Picture This Plus fabric that I had in my fabric stash.

And here is another motif from Souvenir Sampler. I didn't quite finish it. In fact, I was too doggone lazy to even finish the thread.

I seem to have the attention span of a gnat these days. It's like a form of Stitching Attention Defecit Disorder. Maybe I'll try to treat it with chocolate. Yessss. There's the ticket.


  1. In my professional opinion, chocolate is an excellent cure-all.

    Great wips!

  2. Stitching ADD LOL, I may have that too. Definitely chocolate sounds like the perfect treatment. cj(ok;-)

  3. New projects and chocolate, what could be better??? I love your Souvenir Sampler.

  4. I too will admit that I have stitching ADD!! Some chocolate would help...maybe!

    I really like all your stitching and enjoy visiting your blog.