Monday, September 15, 2008

More pictures of my kids for you to endure

The weekend started off with us having the girls cross country team here overnight after the football game on Friday. It was "Freshman Hill" Saturday, (the hill is up here in the mountains) so all of the non-Freshman girls slept here and then left at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to "prepare" the hill. That means finding hiding places for popping out and ambushing freshmen with shaving cream, silly string and water balloons as they run up this super steep hill. The coach is there too, and he makes sure it's all in good fun, and then they all go out to breakfast together.

Shortly after they left, I got my tailgate party stuff together and drove to John's college meet in nearby Waynesburg, PA. He ran a respectable race - still not at his PR from 2007, but 1:30 faster than his last meet. He'll get there...

We had a wonderful time at the tailgate party, despite being drenched by rain for quite a while. But it cleared up just in time to have a bite to eat and a nice visit with the kiddo. And I was sad to see him get on the bus to head back to Allegheny.

And as for the pictures? The one that looks like a homeless person in running shorts? The one giving the thumbs up? That's my son. I truly hate that beard.

I stitched a little on Sunday, once it cooled down! Early Sunday afternoon I worked a soccer game and it was blazing hot and humid. But later in the day the air changed and I sat on the porch and finished this. It's for the Monthly Finishing Challenge and it'll become a Floss tag. I've never done a floss tag before, and I'm so, so apprehensive about hammering that grommet into this nice little bit of cross stitch! But I figure I'll just have to take the plunge.
I also finished playing around with the floss and fabric choices for the Yahoo group sampler SAL. The more I stitched this, the more I liked it. So now I'll cut a big piece of bone lugana and get a start on Part 1.

And these pics are just for fun. I bought these pansies in April, and they were beautiful. I have to admit that they struggled a lot in July and August, but look! They came back beautifully this week. I love pansies.

And I guess that's all for now, gang. I have a busy week ahead with payroll and a big project for our homeowners association and our school's cross country invitational. September really does fly by!


  1. Great start on the SAL project. What gorgeous pansies!

  2. Cute little pumpkin finish, I look forward to seeing it as a floss tag. Sounded like a very busy day with the kids, but fun. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

  3. Cute finish - and honestly, once you've done one floss tag, you'll be adding eyelets to all sorts of things, it's not as scary as you think :o)I get to wallop mine in with a hammer, it's very liberating :o)

    Tell your son he'll get to his PB if he loses the beard as he'll be more aerodynamic - do you see any world class athletes or swimmers with beards? LOL

  4. I had to laugh at your comments about your son's beard. LOL :-D

    Don't you love Picture This Plus fabric?! The pumpkin looks great on it. Love the color of the fabric.

    Looks like you are off to a fabulous start on the sampler.

  5. Shhhh, maybe if we don't mention it September will forget to fly by. :)

    Congrats to your son on his respectable run... any finish is respectable! And congrats to you on the fine stitching and the lovely pansies.

  6. You've been busy! It's great to have kids you can root on. As for John's beard, it looks like many of the guy's are sporting them in that one photo. I think they're trying to look older. ; )
    That's a cute pumpkin piece and I love anything with a pretty alphabet.
    My pansies pretty much pooped out, so it's nice to see yours. How gorgeous are those colors!

  7. I don't mind the beard at all, but I really don't mind those legs, any of them, take your pick! Great legs men!
    Okay, okay, moving along...
    You'll do great with the fob. Don't second guess yourself.
    Which SAL are you doing?
    Take time out for yourself, hugs - Julie

  8. That pumpkin looks fantastic on the blue fabric, just perfect!

    The colours for your SAL are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see more!

  9. I really love that blue fabric a lot, your stitching pics are pretty. Sounds like a lot of fun with your son's running activities and congrats on your pansies coming back!