Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I miss my blog

Actually, I only miss you guys. You two or three readers who may still be hanging in with me even though my last post was....Good Lord....12 days ago.

I'm in the middle of a really big work project. It's not difficult, but it's all new to me, so there's this learning curve thing going on. Once I get settled on how to do the task, it goes relatively quickly. But until I get to that point, it's trial and error. And error. And error.

And you know how much I hate to be wrong. It makes me think about it constantly until I have it figured out. And since I have a home office, when I get into that way of thinking, I'm forever running up to my desk to work a little.

However, I forced myself to take a day to take care of the house and stitch a little.

That's the Yahoo SAL I mentioned before.

I stitched a bit on Souvenir Sampler too. I've been trying to get some early morning stitching time, by avoiding email and blogs until later in the day.

Hurt my darned ankle again and I haven't run since Saturday. Yet I keep eating as if I've spent time on the road instead of time on my butt.

Ooooh. This is a grouchy and depressing post.

There'll be cheerier posts ahead...


  1. Awwww...I feel badly for's that time of year when I get a little grumpy too, everything is going back and it seems like time keeps racing ahead.
    But I do hope you do well in your job and your WIP is really looking great!

  2. ooo, pretty stitching! I like the red medallion-bit.
    And sorry to hear about your ankle - hope you didn't hurt it too badly!

  3. Never fear, we're still here! :)

  4. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your ankle and work stress! I hope both improve soon. Or else I'll have to call my flying monkeys! Beautiful SAL stitching. (((hugs)))