Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Souvenir Sampler: The Four Year Plan

I've just searched my own blog, and discovered that I posted my first photo of this sampler on April 12, 2005. Here's the thing: I really like it. I must, or else I wouldn't keep going back to it! I just fizzle out on it really quickly.

Well, putting all of that unhelpful guilt aside for a moment, it would be really awesome to have this project finished by April 12, 2009. Look at my progress so far, and Puhleeze tell me that this is an achievable goal. Here's my work from Sunday night (Thank goodness for the Steelers and Sunday night football):
And here's the big picture:

Guess which project will be going to Stitch Camp with me?

In other news - Colleen continues to run pretty well. Last week our girls won the section title for the season. This week we'll have the Fayette County Meet where I hope she continues to do well. It'll give her confidence as she heads into post-season meets. For readers who may not know - in Pennsylvania, high school cross country championships are all decided by meets held at the end of the season. It doesn't matter how well you did all thru the all comes down to how you run in one single meet: Your region's WPIAL championship meet. If you qualify there, (top two teams and top 25 runners) you go on to State championships. If not, you go home. Your pre-WPIAL championship meets don't mean a thing.

So there's no play-off or series of races or anything like that. Just one REALLY big race. Let's see, do I have a good photo? Not really, but this was from a couple of years ago and may give you an idea of what it's like. Remember that most of these kids normally run in meets with fewer than 50 kids at the starting line. And this only shows about half of the runners in the WPIAL race (the other half were over the hill already). So it can be a little intimidating:

So anyway, we have a couple of traveling Thursdays ahead! And I have to say, I'm having a ball! Of course, I'm not out there running...

Speaking of running, my ankle seems to be getting better. I was able to get out today, and curiously, it didn't hurt until after my run. Ideas? Anyone?

Yikes. I had better get back to work!


  1. You can finish it by April -- look at what you already have done. Go for it!

  2. I'm sure that you can do it. Why not count up how many motifs are left and set a weekly target - it might not seem as intimidating :o)

  3. Go for it! I think Nic's idea is a good one - set yourself a goal of a certain number of motifs a week and it will hopefully seem more manageable.

  4. Your Souvenir Sampler is gorgeous Lee. I think Nic's idea is a good one too.

  5. Lee, this is a beautiful piece! I hope you're able to get a lot of it done at camp.
    Good luck Colleen on the race, you'll do great!
    Hoping your ankle continues to mend. Hope you're not working too hard.

  6. What a gorgeous sampler!

    Congrats to Colleen on her great season... fantastic!!

    I wish I had some helpful advice for your ankle, but I know too little about how the human body heals.

  7. Totally do-able. I've heard that someone has stitched the whole thing in three months. Stick to it!

  8. It's gorgeous and your progress is real good. You should go for it :) I love it.

  9. I agree with the above! It's a lovely piece. I just plowed away at the same piece for over 2 months and it's almost finished.
    Hey-I tagged you on my blog!

  10. Good luck to Colleen in the post season meets! My boys will finish their season this week, however, the varsity runners will go on to post season meets.

    We've been to some big meets, but haven't seen a pack as big as you've shown here! Very frustrating to race in that kind of situation, and I would imagine there are lots of minor injuries.