Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Camp Countdown

In exactly one week I'll be in Tulsa, enjoying an afternoon of stash shopping, then resting and stitching by the lovely lake at Sequoyah State Park. I don't care if it pours rain or if the sun shines. There will be no computer, no ringing phone and no notary stamp. It sounds like bliss.

I'll be true to my promise and make every effort to finish this: But you know I have the attention span of a housefly so I'm worried that I'll be distracted by the new stuff I hope to buy. Something brand new and shiny may give me a real problem. If I were running the camp...I think I'd offer a storage service so campers could safely lock away their new stuff and no amount of begging and pleading would open the lock.

I've stitched W, Y, and Z over the past few days. For some reason I skipped X. It's just not working into my other plans, so I may leave it out:

I ordered a couple of Grab bag type things from Hand Dyed Fibers. I can't decide exactly what I think of these linens and threads. The threads were nice enough - but the fabrics? My first impression was kind of...well....Ew. There is a lot of the darker fabric on the right, and the sunlight seems to bring out a plum shade. Indoors, it looks rather muddy.

So it's not my favorite, but maybe some of you could use it for something and would like a piece of it? We all have different tastes and different projects spinning around in our heads, and although this may not work for me, it might work for you. So leave me a comment or drop me a line, and if more than a handful of you want some, I'll draw names after the weekend.

Here is the rest of the grab bag booty. A nice green mottled linen, and some richly colored threads in autumn-y colors and a vibrant pink/orange.

And a gold-ish color with some vibrant blue and a neat hank of blue moving to indigo and black.

It's a lovely day here in Western PA. The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing and I've opened the window next to my desk and I'm enjoying every moment.

It's November, after all.


  1. I would love to take some of that linen off your hands!! I'm in!

  2. I'm off on a crafty retreat next Friday too, and like you, I can't wait! We're only going 15 miles from our home city, but there will be peace, quiet, chocolate and Christmas lights being switched on in a quaint little village...

  3. Please include my name. If my name is drawn, I would be happy with whatever you send!!

    Thanks Teresa

  4. I think those fabrics are pretty...but you know me....I like things that look like unspeakable things have been done to them! LOL!

    I love your WIP...I hope you get it done during your retreat...a sweet retreat...that's what I need! :)

  5. Count me in on the drawing for the linen, if you have enough to share.


  6. Sometimes we don't find a project for a fabric but it may come handy later on ;-)

    I love the threads !!!

  7. Your DT is coming along beautifully. I really must stitch one of my DT charts next year!

    Have fun at your retreat!

  8. count me in. i really love all of this! my father in law lives on main st., somerset. i have just discovered your blog, glad to have found it!

  9. Your piece is coming along beautifully Lee! I'm like you, I am so distracted lately, but now I think I'll look for something for charity stitching as it will be stitched in honor of my late friend (see my blog).
    Please toss my name in the bag for some linen. Thanks!