Saturday, November 22, 2008

Camp Wannasew (aka Stitch Camp)

I guess there's no other way to say it...Camp rocked again! Lindy and Mona run a great camp. You can do as much or as little as you like. There is no pressure at all to complete a project or to keep up with other campers. The only time that you might need to be in the room is on Friday evening when they hand out and explain the projects, but other than that, you do what you want, when you want. Mona hangs out on Friday night, all day Saturday and until very late Saturday night to help you individually as you finish your projects. There were plenty of helpers, too.

I couldn't say which part of camp I liked the most. Shopping at the Silver Needle is absolutely fabulous. The projects were right up my alley this year. My table companions and my roommates were wonderful. Even the travel portion was pretty darn nice, because the flights were all on time, the airports were easy to travel through, and I had a fabulous book to read.

I mean, really. Could I have had a more perfect weekend?

But on to the particulars. We had three projects with finishing kits presented to us. The first was this trinket box, and it included a floss tag and a biscornu. So although it was done as one project, there were actually three finishes involved. I completed the floss tag and the box. The biscornu was very tiny though and I thought it was a little too fussy. So I'm finishing mine as a needlebook. But here are the two parts that I finished.

The second project was a Halloween project that was finished as a pinkeep with ruched ribbon. I didn't start this one - I've done enough pinkeeps to be able to finish this at home. So I have my bag of supplies and Mona graciously let me photograph it because my memory sucks.

The third project was an easel-style finish, and if my weekend goes as planned, I'll have it done and posted by Monday. It's an adorable snowman freebie from PS done on 11ct Tula, and I never would have thought this, but now I think I love Tula.

And TA DA! More progress on Souvenir Sampler! I had bought several charms at the SN, and here they are on the sampler. Nothing is stitched down, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I'll show you all of the lovely things that I bought, and the treat bag goodies, too.

But right now I'm going to go raid the china closet and make sure I'm ready for Thanksgiving. And then it's down to the basement to drag out all of the big-ass cookware. The giant roaster, the huge mixing bowls, the oversized pyrex dishes.
I have such a tiny kitchen, and the basement has a bar and a few closets, so I store a lot down there. Appliances (don't get me started), cookware, all of that stuff for entertaining, like punch bowls, cake dishes, extra sets of dishware - it's all in the basement.

Many of the older houses in this part of the state actually have second complete kitchens in their basements. Man, I'd love that during the holidays. I think that most of them were installed because women needed a ton of space for canning and preserving food, and the basement kitchen provided working space for food preservation while keeping the upstairs kitchen free for regular meals.

Do any of you guys store your cookware in the basement? Or maybe you have a full kitchen down there, too?

Ok, now I really have to go. Make me stop typ...


  1. That box and floss tag are just the sweetest most adorable things! Love them!!! You did a great job with the stitching and finishing!

  2. love the box. hope we get something like that in the spring!

  3. All of your projects look wonderful!

  4. Oh wow they all look fantastic! I love the box.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post! I was curious about the tula cloth & wondered if you were using perle cotton #5 or floss? looking forward to seeing your post!

    Another kitchen in the house -- what a dream. I have a small place. There are kitchen things in the hallway closet, downstairs, in our daughter's room (while she is at college). Honestly, I'd love a kitchen downstairs. Think santa will deliver me one??? LOL

  6. Stitch Camp sounds great... love the little trinket box!!!

    I do store some kitchen items in the basement (things like punch bowls, serving trays and other things that I only use for entertaining).

    My house does have a second kitchen because it has a granny suite. Since we don't use it as a granny suite, we removed the second oven/stove though. I regret that about once a year.

  7. I was glad to read about your stitch weekend. That would be so divine to go on one.

    I have been to Silver Needle for a visit once, and loved it.

    It is sad tho, that in our area, we don't have any 'local needlework shops'. I have to travel for at least 2 hrs. to find one. *sigh*

    Your projects from the weekend are great tho.

  8. Congrats on the almost 500 mark.... enjoyed seeing those lovely stitcheries. Never done one....but yours make them seem so tempting. I know what you mean about the last ....of everything.... those days go so quickly. Have a lovely Thanksgiving... even with the sweet potatoes!

  9. Oops, forgot to say I love your PS snowman! I love that count of fabric for certain pieces. I love the changes they made to the fibers and adding buttons. Yours looks very different compared to mine.
    Love the triangle box. Looking forward to the easel finish. I hope it goes well.
    Souvenir Sampler looks great!