Thursday, November 20, 2008

A couple of milestones

Well gang, I've already passed the 5 Years of Blogging mark, and I meant to have some kind of shindig over it, but nope. It didn't happen. But now I'm coming up to my 500th post, so it would be nice to do a little something.

I've been such a slacker of a blogger lately, so I should have plenty of time to come up with a celebratory idea. I think this is post #496. And since I'm so pitiful at this, I expect that I'll reach #500....oh, maybe in a couple of weeks.

Yes. I Am Lame.

But let's move on.

I have many lovely things to tell you about Camp Wannasew, and some stash photos to share, but the stash and my ideas are both still piled in a heap on the couch in my office. I really want to share this stuff with you, but I want to organize it (and my thoughts) first.

And yes - Thanks to a full day of stitching at camp I made some real progress on Souvenir Sampler and now I even have all of the charms and do-dads that I need to finish it, Exciting?? You betcha!

It looks like I'll be having company for Thanksgiving this year, so our meal has really been on my mind. Here's what's been rattling around in my head:

My Favorite part the Meal: The turkey. No doubt about it, and particularly the dark meat. The rest is good, but the turkey is the greatest. I make an awesome turkey, and my pan gravy rocks, too.

Of course, I got my mad skilz from this fellow.
Good old dad. I can even recreate that goofy face. That man sure could cook. I'm sure that's a 24 pounder he's lifting.

Worst part of the meal: My MIL insists on making her candied sweet potatoes for every single holiday meal (even if we're having lasagna - one of favorites of DH's family for Easter), and let me tell you - - - they are Gawd Awful. Fresh from the can, stringy, greasy, and not enough sugar and no spice at all. For years I would take a little bit just to be polite, but no more. Nobody eats them except her. I know she'll show up on Thursday with a casserole dish of those little monsters.

Anything new in the meal this year: Not especially - I've added some whole wheat rolls for my health conscious daughter. And I'm not especially proud of this, but we'll be using boxed stuffing (dressing to some of you) this year. I've never mastered my MIL's bread stuffing, so we'll just have to resort to the packaged stuff. I could invite her over Wednesday evening, but the truth is she'll drive me insane all day Thursday. The only help that I want this year is from DD Colleen. She knows how I work, and we make a good team.

Dishes that we don't make anymore, but I'll always miss them: My grandmother and my dad made a very, very rich chestnut and sausage stuffing. The sweetness of the chestnuts and the saltiness of the sausage make a wonderful combination in your mouth. But talk about labor intensive! I remember helping my grandmother prepare huge tubs of chestnuts. They had to be cooked and peeled, and we'd take great care to keep them as whole as possible. Now time has gone by, and although we have the recipe, we don't have the time. And the price of chestnuts? Crazy. 5 pounds for $38 and that's IF you can get them.

How about you guys? How would you answer?


  1. 5 years of blogging, wow! Almost 500 posts, double wow!! Congrats on all the great milestones!!!

  2. I had almost decided to skip the turkey all together this year and then I remembered I needed a way to get my homemade cranberry sauce to my mouth!

  3. HI! I found your blog from Anna's and I really enjoyed reading a whole bunch of your posts!

  4. Great meme. My answers are up at Thanksgiving Meme.

    Happy T-day.

  5. We do eat a lot of turkey all year (I sub ground turkey for ground beef), but there is nothing like the smell of a roasting turkey. I love the photo of you dad. Wish I had one of my grandmom, as she was the chief cook and bottle washer.
    I'll have to remember to do this meme too.
    I do like sweet potatoes if they are made correctly. I prefer the fresh over canned. Rocco DiSpirito said that they are the perfect food. ; )

  6. Hi there Lee, would you think it awfully rude of me to ask you the chestnut/sausage stuffing recipe? It's just that we have about 6-7 chestnut trees on my parents' farm, and we have way too many to eat, so my mum has already made some jam, cake and soup, but if there is a nice stuffing, we'd like to give it a try to make something else with the amount of chestnuts we have left over. It's a shame you're all the way over in the USA, otherwise I could send you some, but the postage would bring the price up too high. Check out my blog to see the amounts of chestnuts of just one weekend
    thanks and bye

  7. Five years of blogging? Wow! Thats a long time. A lot of things have happened in my life in five years. Where does the time go?
    We're having turkey and noodles (I can't wait!), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, STOVE TOP STUFFING (the best!) and for dessert pumpkin pie or brownies or both.
    I wish you and your family a very happy thanksgiving. Don't stress too much, enjoy the time with your daugther. Take care! Julie

  8. Hi Lee, I made box stuffing for our church Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and by adding onions, celery, and chopped giblets, it was much more like Mom used to make!

    Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. :)