Monday, November 24, 2008

Finished another camp project!

Well, the stitching part, that is! I'll do the finish-finishing sometime later when I have more time and patience. Otherwise there'll be glue from here to kingdom come.

I'm really happy with the way this little guy stitched up, and I just wish you could see the glittery parts of the scarf and the snow flakes. The camera was able to capture some of the shimmer in the hat band, so you get the idea.

The Silver Needle of course had swapped out all of the DMC threads and replaced them with other fibers, whose names and manufacturers I'm not sure about. Sorry Lelia that I can't be more specific. But I wanted to keep the holly leaves green, so I used some green No. 5 perle cotton, and I had some red Mill Hill beads, so I used them for the holly berries, stacking three beads on the needle for each berry. I'll bet they found the other fibers at a needlepoint store. In fact, one had just opened up nearby. I didn't get there though...

That's because I wanted to try out a Hobby Lobby to find some more of my sampler charms. There were two HL's nearby, so off I went...Good Lord! Hobby Lobby is amazing! They're like the Cabela's of craft supplies. You know, the giant hunting and fishing supply places that men worship and organize pilgrimages to during this time of year? Hobby Lobby was so big, I thought they should have a snack bar in case I got lost and hungry and couldn't find the door!

(Note to self - call Hobby Lobby with that idea and then offer to set it up and thereby earn gazillion dollars just for coming up with the idea, and that should be just enough to pay for college educations for two children)

So, Miss Dianne, here comes my Sunday (except it's Monday) "I Recommend" post for you. I recommend a trip to Hobby Lobby. Even if you don't need anything, just go for the enormity of it. Gaze at the ceiling and wonder exactly why they put all of that stuff up there. And leave yourself a trail of breadcrumbs, or you may never find your way out...

I think I have a good idea for my 500th post. I'll do a small give-away, and if you follow my blog and if you remember that I'm essentially a one-trick pony so I become obsessed with particular finishing techniques for particular needlework tools, you can probably guess what the giveaway will be.

Oops. I may have said too much, so now there's no going back.

I was going to Show and Tell today, but I really want to answer some questions that have come up in the Comments. Do you really want to see that stuff anyway? I didn't exactly go crazy. My stashing pales in comparison to the stuff that some bloggers buy on a weekly basis, even though I saved up for this shopping trip for a long time!

But anyway, Raquel asked about my Nana's recipe for Chestnut Stuffing, so here goes. Her recipe says it will stuff a 15LB bird:

4 pounds of Chestnuts
3 pounds of country sausage
3 large onions
1/2 of a large celery stalk
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 Cup breadcrumbs
2 eggs
1 Teaspoon poultry seasoning
1 teaspoon nutmeg
Finely chopped parsley
Heart and liver

After the first shell of the chestnuts has been removed, boil them in salt water with a few stalks of celery for 20-30 minutes. Drain, and remove the skins while the chestnuts are still hot.

Fry sausage and drain the fat, reserving it. Melt the onions and celery in butter until tender.

Mix the chestnuts, sausage, onions and celery together. Add salt, pepper, nutmeg, poultry seasoning and mix well. Add parsely.

Mix together breadcrumbs, 2 eggs and a little of the sausage fat. Add to that a little bit fried chopped turkey liver and heart. Add all of this to the chestnut mix, and stuff the bird.



  1. I love those SN low count fuzzy fibers conversions! Yours looks terrif!

  2. Adorable snowman...the specialty fibers really make him stand out! Isn't HL great???

  3. thanks Lee, will print out the recipe and my mum and I will give it a try soon, maybe this weekend, otherwise over Christmas as that's when we have Turkey in Portugal, we don't do Thanksgiving.
    Thanks again,

  4. Cute snowman finish!
    Thanks for being the first ever person to play. We don't have Hobby Lobby near Philly. I'm figuring they have an online site. We have AC Moore, Michaels and JoAnns. I'm with you-I need my crafter's fix once in a while. My favorite-Michaels.

  5. I'm going to try and appreciate Hobby Lobby more. :-) You know, you can come visit anytime and we'll go to Hobby Lobby, Joanns (we have two), Michaels and any of the six area LNS! Tempting???? Let me know first, I'll have to clean!