Friday, November 07, 2008

The Last Junior/Senior Dance

I find myself saying "The Last" a lot this year. Then I sniffle. And then I think..."Oh grow the hell up".

So, anyway, here is my Colleen and The Boyfriend. Now, Dave and me...we don't especially like boyfriends. But this boy seems genuinely nice and he pays attention to her in all the good ways and she thinks he's pretty great, so I suppose we won't chase him away with a stick. And he impressed us a lot today by coming to pick her up in a totally clean and shiny black car. And sporting a dozen beautiful roses was kind of nice, too.

So they went off to the dance, and now here I sit, eating some warmed-over chili and an English muffin. It's Dave's weekend to work, so he won't be home until much later. And College John was too busy to talk to his mom on a Friday night. College kids. Hmph.

Hey...Wait. Here's that quiet evening to stitch that I've been wishing for for-almost-ever! Gotta go!


  1. Colleen and her squire look great - and I hope you enjoyed your quiet night in stitching!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your stitching evening!

    Your DD looks lovely, what a great dress!

  3. Yep, boyfirends do steal daugters !!! lol Nice if she can have one who seems to care for her and show her how to be treated well. It is so important for her future love life ;-)

  4. Such a beautiful couple! The boyfriend situation does change things up in the family, but my girls have chosen pretty well and one of my sons has a sweet girlfriend too so in a way we're not losing but gaining. :D

  5. At least you got to sniffle over two kids. I think I've scarred my son for life bawling every time he goes back to PSU.
    Colleen sure looks pretty there. The bf seems polite and attentive. Awesome!
    I talked to Rachel V. on the phone last night and we're going to meet up one of these days. She thought I lived closer to her, but since she's never seen that many attractions out this way, we'll check a few out together. What a sweetie! And she likes being friends with someone who could be her....aunt!

  6. Wow - she's just adorable in that picture! Love the dress!