Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post 499...When I ask for advice.

I'm creepily creeping to 500...

Hey gang, I need some advice. I've been an in-hand stitcher for well over 25 years, and now I'm having second thoughts. I think it's because I have these BAPs that are worked in silks and overdyeds, and that are taking me a few years to complete. I worry about the overall cleanliness of the project, especially the bigger ones that spend a lot of time bunched up in my left hand. Years back, when everything was stitched in (usually) colorfast DMC, it wasn't an issue. A quick wash and press and my project looked pristine again. But now....

So years ago, during my quilting days, I had bought a couple of sets of QSnaps, and they were ok, but I found that I liked a large wooden hoop better. I didn't use them very much. then last week, after seeing so many of my fellow campers using QSnaps, I decided to unearth them again.

Here's my dilemma: I'm having a devil of a time getting the fabric straight in the frames. It seems like the grain of the fabric wants to head off diagonally every time. Do any of you have any advice?

Now...time to post my Camp buys. I'm digging these BBD charts, so I here is my kit for Be Kind and True, and fabric and chart for Blessings and Kind Wishes. What you can't see here are the kits that I made up for my friend in Germany. The one who brings me all of that fabulous chocolate? So sending her a few BB designs kitted up seemed like a nice idea...

And you know I love the thread collections and gadgetry!But wait...look a little closer at the scissors. Yes boys and girls, those are owl eyes. I swooned, and they had to be mine.
Then these are just some oldies but goodies that I had been wanting, and kit for my mom:

It's a snowy day here in Western PA, and John is heading home from Meadville in this nasty weather. I'll be on pins and needles until he gets home...

Next time - - - 500!


  1. Ok, I'm totally drooling over all of your goodies. And the scissors~~too, too cute!

  2. I really want some of those owl scissors. As for the Q snaps...I don't always get the fabric on there exactly straight either, I haven't noticed that it matters a great deal. I usually center where I want to stitch in the frame and then clamp the top, make sure it's reasonably straight, clamp the bottom, again make sure it's sort straight and then do the sides.

  3. I agree with autumn, the straightness of the fabric doesn't matter that much. (I never even noticed) Just remember to remove the q snaps after every session (the marks aren't as bad as the hoops were) that will help keep any distortion from becoming permanent.

  4. I don't like q-snaps any bigger than 12" x 12". If you follow Vonna at 'The Twisted Stitcher' she just bought a stand she really loves, so that may help for bigger projects.
    I also put something under the snap part whether it be scrap fabric or tissues to be it even taunter. I'm bad, I don't remove the piece every time and never had a problem. If the fabric was more delicate, that may be a problem.

  5. Love your new stash! I don't have any suggestions for your Q-Snap dilemma cause I only stitch with a little 6" hoop for all my projects both big and small. I tried Q-Snaps but I found after awhile they got too heavy.

    I LOVE the owl scissors and your stast acquisition is too cool!

  6. Two words - scroll frames. Love them.

  7. I love my q-snaps and have never had a problem with them- and never even noticed if the grain of the farbic looked crooked! I also use scroll frames with my Tomorrow's Treasures (or whatever it is now called) lap stand. Both work well for me and make a BIG difference- no cramps from gripping and much less arthritis effect when stitching.

    BTW- I keep seeing it on stitching blogs- what is BAP?

  8. LadyDoc - a BAP is a big a@@ project, one of the more creative abbreviations created by online stitchers.

    I'm not a huge Q-snap fan for large projects. For those BAPs I prefer scroll frames, which I cover with old pillowcases to keep the dust out. I've got one project been on the scrolls for, um, 9 1/2 years now? Ouch. I really need to do something about that before I get to 10 years.

  9. I'm with Stacy in that I'm drooling! Love the new scissors!
    Have you seen the display Vonna made up for her scissors? Go check it out!
    I'm still an in hand stitcher, but can relate. I've been thinking about stitching with a frame to, but I don't want to (stomping my foot)! You're still touching the fabric, so it can still get messy, right?!? That my story!

  10. I'm not a big fan of q-snaps, they just feel too bulky in my hands. I too was totally an in-hand stitcher for many years and still do sometimes. The last few years I've been using scroll frames for large projects and regular hoops for smaller. Sometime I'd like to try one of those great floor stands, but gotta get rid of some more kids and their stuff first, lol!

  11. I always use q-snaps, sometimes you just need to fiddle with the fabric to get it straight, but in the end it doesn't really matter. I use felt to get a better tightness in them and find this helps. Since you already have them, give it a try.

  12. super stash haul, love thoae owl scissors
    I find that when using the qsanps the fabric can be of centre a bit, but when removed from the frame it sorts it's self out, sorry I can;t be of more help