Monday, November 10, 2008

Time to mail out that fabric!

Hi gang! There were nine of you who left comments for the post that was about the hand dyed fabric, and I have enough to mail all of you a 9" X 9" piece. So if you'll all send me your mailing address, I'll be happy to drop your piece in the mail.

Just to be clear and make sure that I didn't miss anyone, I'll be mailing pieces to:

Courtney (Santa Stitches)
Teresa (Sew Many Stitches)
Vonna (Twisted Stitcher)
Melody (no blog?)
Chiloe (Chiloe's Corner)
Sally (Stitchyangels Treasures)
Dianne (Dianne Rambling On)
Jennifer Stumpf
Nic (A Girl as Mad as Birds)

If you'll all email me at eliese58 at yahoo dot com with your info, I'll send an envelope your way!


  1. Lee, Thanks so much! I have sent you my info via email.


  2. Thank you so much Lee! Just sent you an email.

  3. Hi Lee,
    Sorry I missed this post!
    Thanks for the linen. Can I send you more Altoids tins perhaps? Let me know.

  4. I received mine several days ago. Thanks so much! I love the purple-ish color...