Sunday, December 14, 2008

Faith box

I stitched this a while back, and intended to finish it as a sachet for a friend of mine, but I ran into a roadblock when I was looking for lavender.

Remember, I come from a county with no craft shops. I mean it, girls. None. And when I've had the chance to go to Pittsburgh, the big chains I've visited had potpourri, but it was the big, chunky kind and it just wouldn't work for this little sachet. (WHY didn't I think to look while I was in the Tulsa HobbyLobby??)

So now my friend will get this for Christmas, and I've finished it as a cube. Not quite what I had in mind, but still nice I think.

It's a lovely, lazy Sunday. I've organized my thread and floss collection again. It's kind of crazy the way that it seems to explode all over the place when I'm looking for something.

I've finished another ornament, and I'll show you the photos tomorrow.

And I'm working on Jennifer's scissor pocket and loving it.


  1. Lovely! I've always wondered where to get lavender too :)

  2. oooohh, my scissor pocket... =) looking forward to it and i'm glad you're loving it!

  3. It's beautiful Lee! Did I see that you were in Tulsa? Next time let me know and we'll get together. I'll drive down to SN.