Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's really a miracle...

That John walked away from that accident without a scratch. And that no one else was hurt. Thank you all for all of your good thoughts and wishes.

Here's the chain of events: He drifted into the rumble strips, got startled, tried to pull back into the proper lane and over corrected. Then he lost control of the car and started to spin, went down an embankment and headfirst into a guard rail. Except that the guard rail was higher than his car, so he actually went under the guard rail, shearing off the hood of the car and having the guardrail break and push in the windshield, stopping about six inches from his face.

Like I said - it's a miracle.

He came home with the tow truck, exhausted and starving. I gave him a quick sandwich and told him to go rest and he was hard-as-a-rock asleep in minutes, and slept clear through till this morning.

And Nic, I've managed not to say I told you so. Not even once. Of course, it was made infinitely easier by John immediately saying that he should have listened to me and that he feels really stupid and sorry.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but about 4 years ago, friends of ours lost their son in a single car accident. He was coming home very late at night after a full day of school, soccer practice, playing in the marching band for a football game, and then a party. All in one day! Although no one will ever know, I'll bet it happened pretty much the same. Except that Tyler hit a tree, shearing his car in half.

So believe me when I say I'm thankful. The car is a total loss, and no doubt my insurance rates will go through the roof, but I have a healthy, unhurt, and (now) smarter son.

OK, moving on to lighter subjects!

Here's a freebie from Midnight Stitching that I stitched quite a while ago, but only finished yesterday. I tried to photograph the sides and back, because I had the perfect rick-rack and backing fabric, but my camera batteries were going, going, gone. I may have better pictures tomorrow. But here's the front:

Of course, we are all our own worst critics, but I had a devil of a time centering this, and then I cut the bottom way too close. There's like three little threads holding the point at the bottom of the heart together. I think my brain must have shut off when it saw something that wasn't a square or rectangle.

Oh, and I should tell you that PROM FASHIONS are already arriving in my mailbox again! I'm so excited, and I'm hoping for a bumper crop of really affected models in bad dresses to share with you. But in the meantime, I thought you'd like to see a picture of me modeling my new 1971 breasts. I think that they are especially well-showcased in my "skinny knit" top, don't you? I loved that top, and it was completely synthetic and itchy and made me perspire like a cowhand, but I didn't care because I had visible breasts. And those glasses? Good God. I'm thinking that shortly after those I went to....wait for it....wire rimmed aviators. I was such a fashionista.


  1. I was telling the dude your son's accident story, "You remember Lee who was here for the stitching from Pittsburgh?"
    "Her son was driving home from college and he"
    "Wait a minute, she has a son in college?"
    So there. You must have had him shortly after those breasts came in. ;)

  2. I'm so pleased to hear your son is okay - it sounds like he had a really close squeak.

    My cousin had a similar accident as a new(ish) driver although I think he ended up in/round a tree - unfortunately, it hasn't changed his attitude any, but it sounds like John is more sensible!

  3. Oh no...that accident...Thank the Lord he's ok. Oh tummy hurts thinking about.

    And I have to LOL! About your "sweat like a cowhand", fashionista and visible breasts! LOL! I'm gonna borrow "sweat like a cowhand" as I say at the end of the day and after my 20 minutes on the elliptical that I "Smell like a pig farmer" but I think that I'm "sweating like a cowhand" may be better! LOL!

  4. LOL! I had a shirt just like that.... it was yellow.
    Who didn't if you had new perky breasts in the early 70's?! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  5. John is just SOOOO lucky! I hope you gave him a lot of hugs!

    Your ornie is lovely!

  6. I just saw about John-wow, you know how I feel with having a driver doing all those miles. Glad he is fine.
    I remember those stretchy knit tops-made the young boys look and weep! LOL Did you have the shiny polyester tops and dresses with the wild patterns?
    Your glasses were a wee too small-I had the white to clear cat eye ones when I first got them and wouldn't dare wear them for photos-ever-mine were a bit snug too!