Monday, December 15, 2008

Kitty ornament

I stitched this two years ago, I think, and now it's finally an ornament! Don't even ask my why it took me this long. It's one of my less endearing traits. I work great guns on something, but I don't quite finish it, and then I put it away and it's like pulling teeth to get me to do that one little last task in order to call it complete. Honest. It's such a big part of my behavior that it's kind of embarrassing.

That's my first attempt at making cording. I'd wind it tighter next time.

There's not much going on here at the O'Neil house. This week is party week - we have a handful of invitations from now until next week. John should be home one day this week but who the heck knows when because he never calls. I could be laying dead here and he'd never know. (I'm practicing my motherly litany for later in life. You can never start too soon.)


  1. Really cute ornie...your cording looks perfect to me!

  2. What a sweet ornie.

    I'm another who just can't seem to do that last stage - I've got projects that literally just need buttons and charms attached but still they languish...

  3. Another wonderful finish ! I love the stitching part, but when it comes to the finishing part, they tend to sit in the drawer waiting.

  4. I want to stitch this ornament now that I actually have a cat! Yours looks GREAT! :o)

  5. That is so cute and I love your Faith finish too!

  6. It looks great.

    Hmm... I have that same ornament sitting in my waiting-to-be-ornamentified pile, from probably two years ago, too.