Monday, December 08, 2008

Not much to write but two good books to recommend

So...I know you must all be thinking, "WELL, she writes 500 posts and then disappears!"

No? You're all just sick of this 500th post stuff that I can't seem to leave alone? Okay. Got it. No more mention of 500 posts. In fact, I'll stop saying 500. And Post.

Except to say thank you for all of your nice comments and well-wishes upon reaching that milepost in my blog life. (OK, mile marker)

Here's the thing. I have nothing interesting to write. Christmas blah-blah. Decorating blah-blah. Kids blah-blah. Work, ewwww. Believe me, there's nothing noteworthy in any of those topics.

Stitching? Nope. Or rather, nothing that I can show you at the moment.

I've been behaving like a complete hermit. I get up, work in my office all day, go for an occasional run, cook dinner, then spend the my evening doing one or all of these things: Watch TV, stitch a little, work hard at trying to annoy my husband and daughter, read a little and then I go to bed.

For blog purposes, all of that stuff is pretty darn lame. But even though things here haven't been great for providing good blog material, I'd like to write. Last year I did the 2007 Holidailies, and I've thought about it for 2008. Maybe I should because then I'd get out of this writing slump.

My real fear is it actually a life slump? Except that for the most part, I'm reasonably content.

Ugh. Enough already. Time to move on.

I've read two excellent books in the past month. A friend lent me Shadow of the Wind, and I absolutely loved it. Some historical fiction, a little mystery, a little fantasy...all in all a great read.

Then one night I was killing time downtown while waiting for Colleen to finish some play practice, so I was hanging out in the library and picked up a Neil Gaiman book, Anansi Boys. It was a great quick and fun read, and I completely enjoyed that one, too.

There's something about November, December, and January that propels me toward fantasy fiction. There's nothing like snuggling in with that kind of book when it's dark and cold for most of the day. It just feels right.

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