Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stitching bloggers Best of 2008

1. Did you discover any new (or new-to-you) designers in 2008? And your favorite was?

2. Same question - New Fabrics?

3. Same question - New fibres?

4. Same question - New finishing techniques?

5. Did you have a favorite "theme" in 2008?

6. Did you try any new gadgets?

7. Did you discover any new (or new-to-you) LNS in 2008? And your favorite was?

8. Same question: new or new-to-you online stores?

9. Same question: new or new-to-you bloggers?
a) stitching bloggers
b) bloggers in general

10. Same question: communities/forums

11. Whose blog in 2008 was the Most inspirational for keeping you stitching?

12. Whose blog was funniest in 2008?

13. Which blog's posts did you "star" the most in your reader in 2008?

If you play along, leave a comment so we can check out your favorites!

Dave and I have a very quiet New Years Eve planned. The kids will be off with their friends, so it'll be just the two of us. We'll watch the Fiesta Bowl this afternoon, (Go Pitt!) I'll make a nice dinner for us, I think we'll go to an early movie, then home to watch some basketball (Pitt and Rutgers). If we make it to midnight, it'll be a miracle.

I'll miss having the kids here for New Years Eve, but I try not to whine too much about it. After all, it's kind of the natural order of things, right?

Happy New Year, gang! See you tomorrow.


  1. My answers are up at

    Needlework not in Paradise

  2. Hi ... I just found your blog. I'm very new to blogging, and I haven't discovered new things (except blogland and the multitude of bloggers) in 2008. Maybe after reading your blog, I'll work at discovery. Thanks loads ...

  3. I left my answers on my blog:

  4. My answers are on Crossed Purposes.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. This was my first visit. The Scissor pocket you stitched is beautiful. I'm hoping to work on finishing this year, along with working on samplers. No goals as to a number of finishes; just stitching samplers.

    Happy stitching,

  5. Mine's up at