Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was uploading this photo and my phone rang. John was getting ready to leave school and head home for the semester break. Like many college kids at this time of year, he was glad to be coming home after a long week of very little sleep and taking finals. In fact, his last final was this morning and I knew he had hardly slept, so I told him - lay down and sleep a while and come home later. But he was anxious about the weather and anxious to come home and he assured me he was fine. (Remember that feeling in your early 20's like you were ten feet tall and bulletproof? Right...)

Evidently not. He called about an hour later and he had wrecked the car on the highway. Thank god he's ok. The car? Totalled. But the kid is ok, and no one else was involved.

I'm so thankful that he's not hurt. And I hope that this has taught him a lesson, including the lesson sometimes your mother knows what she's talking about.

OK, switching gears to ornament stitching. This was the first ornament I stitched as part of Jennifer's Brides Tree SAL. I've only stitched the first 6 months worth, and now I can only find 4 of the ornaments, but I was happy to find this one and finish it in time for this Christmas. That's just ordinary green craft felt as backing.

And now I'm going to pace around the house for a couple of hours until go meet John and the tow truck and I know he's home safe and sound.


  1. I'm glad John is OK, but how scary!

    Cute ornament :)

  2. I'm glad John's okay. You get bonus Mom points if you can get through the holiday without saying 'I told you so!' :o)

    The ornament looks sweet.

  3. Glad your son is okay. Smack him upside the head from me. ;) Love the ornament. Maybe I'll do that bride tree thing next year...

  4. So glad your son is ok, it's a hard lesson that bulletproof one. I've seen several bumps/police cars over the last week as people are increasingly tired/rushed/stressed.

    Lovely ornament, see now I want to stitch that too ;)

  5. Glad that your son is alright!

  6. I am so glad that John is OK. Someone was watching over him:)

    Your ornament is so pretty. Whose design is it?

  7. OMG that is so scary! Thanks goodness his angel was watching and he's ok. Your ornament is very pretty!

  8. So glad your son is okay. Lovely ornament.