Wednesday, January 21, 2009


That was my weight loss for my first week back to Weight Watchers. I'm cautiously happy...I know from past experiences that the first week back always shows a bigger loss than subsequent weeks. But it's a loss and I'll take it! I feel very lucky, what with having Meat Week suddenly thrown in there, and after our party Sunday night with lots of goodies and Sangria. We had 16 for dinner, and I still have pork leftover!

How about those Steelers?! So now we're all looking forward to the Super Bowl and more parties and carrying on. Even if you're not a football fan, you have to love the parties!

Friends, I've been a total slug and have hardly stitched anything for the past 5 days. Will I ever finish anything? Somebody kick me.

But before I end this lame-o post, could any of you give me advice about buying scroll rods? I've come into a little extra money (sold some antique candy molds on ebay), and I'm thinking about scroll rods for my larger samplers. It's so difficult to decide without having the actual product in front of me to try it and see if it's comfortable. And advice will be appreciated. And read again - and again - and again, as I try to make up my mind.

Seriously - this money is burning a hole in my pocket. So help a girl out?


  1. We'll be rooting for the Steelers in our house. Bigger fans of Troy Polamalu than Matt Leinart.

  2. No kicking, just encouragement ... stitch, baby, stitch! I'm an in-hand stitcher, so I don't know much about scrolling. Even with Houses of HRH and ATS, I just roll it up from the bottom and hold on.

  3. Need a kick? I'm here: it will be part of my exercise routine !!! lol I'm doing kick in my exercise DVD ;-)

    Lucky you for your loss: I lost only 1 lb and I feel bad but I still exercise ( I don't diet though) I know WW is great but I can't afford the cost of it ...

    Tell me if you need the kick ;-) lol

  4. I have tried all the scroll rods out there and think that the ones that used to be called Tomorrow's Treasures- I *think* the name is American Dream or something like that now- are the very best.

    I love my scroll rods- they are by far my favorite way to stitch.


  5. I have a Handi Clamp scroll frame, but I haven't used it for awhile since I have been mostly doing smalls. No basting is required, but takes some messing around to get the fabric on straight. I also have an Artisan Designs Gazelle floor stand. Two handed stitching is great...I need to get back into it.

  6. I stitch almost exclusively on scroll frames - the ones with the split in the middle of the dowel that the fabric slips into. As was mentioned, it can be a little tricky to get the fabric in there, but you soon get the hang of it. I used th 40 and 50% off coupons and picked them up in several sizes at AC Moore and Michaels. I can leave the projects on them, and have several going at one time.

    One thing I do recommend - I've found that the wooden knobs (purchased separately) are more comfortable than the wing nuts that are included with the frames. The wing nuts tend to scrape on my hands, and sometimes catch my threads. I have far fewer problems with the knobs.

  7. Good job with WW. I so need to join something for motivation or move my butt more. : )
    I know I have a scroll frame like Jennifer has, but I don't do huge projects, so stick to the Q-snaps. I think you definitely need a stand for bigger projects. If you read 'The Twisted Stitcher', Vonna got a stand for her frames and loves it-she stitches quickly too!

  8. I'm addicted to slate frames by Access Design Original. You must stitch the ends to the frame, and then lash the sides with linen thread and it's a little tedious to do so but it's nice and taut and is terrific for larger works. Thanks again for the wonderful scissor keeper! I took it with me to Italy and it was my keeper of sanity as well as keeper of scissors on the 13 hour flight! I promise to post on it soon as my crazy life settles a bit. :)

  9. Yay! A fellow stitcher and a fellow Weight Watcher...Weight Watchee? Weight Watcher-er? Anyway, over the years I've tried just about every loom, scroll rod, standing whatever on the market. I've got arthritis in my hands which make holding those rods very uncomfortable, and hunching over the stand alones killed both my back and my neck. What has worked the best for me is a simple hoop and a couple large paper clasps. I just fold the excess cloth up and clip it to the loop. Just my two-cents, for what it's worth.

    I loved what you did with the credit cards, by the way. LOL!

  10. You rock on your loss this week! I didn't make my meeting this week, have a rotten cold. Hopefully, I'll see a loss next week but not sure, I tend to feed my colds (if you get my drift!).

    Oh, and this girl is certainly in Steeler heaven right now! GO STEELERS!!!!