Saturday, January 03, 2009

Destiny is not being very fair

I swear, it must be written in the stars that I am never going to get to another "real" needlework shop in the Pittsburgh area again. It's actually easier for me to fly to Tulsa and go to the Silver Needle than to work out a trip to a Pittsburgh shop. I'm. Not. Kidding.

Today I was headed to Beehive Needle Arts, which is not exactly a cross stitch shop but looked like it had some lovely threads to fool around with. But first I had to drop Colleen off at a Track and Field program at Carnegie Mellon. I was going to leave her there, grab some coffee, head to the shop, then find a nice, quiet and warm place at CMU and stitch the day away while she attended this workshop. Except that the workshop turned out to be a program for coaches, not students. And that was weird because her high school coach gave her the registration form, and it had a space for coaches and a space for students. But there were only three kids there, and about 50 coaches, so she asked me to stay. And since I'm such a good mother.....

Well, the program ended for us at lunchtime, and I thought I could still make it to Mt. Lebanon in time... So we went to the car, started it, and it literally started chugging. And it wouldn't stop, and I ended up calling a tow truck to take us 50 miles back home again.

I'm telling you folks, there's nothing like riding 50 miles in a tow truck. Not exactly comfort and cleanliness. And the fellow smoked, and was trying to be polite by rolling down the windows, but it was freezing. And you know what else was sucky? Other drivers are terribly rude to tow truck drivers. I was shocked by how many people cut him off or pulled out in front of him. And can't they use a freakin' turn signal from time to time? Really, I don't know how the guy survives, doing this 8-12 hours a day. I'd be in the Road Rage Hall of Fame if I drove a tow truck every day.

Oh, and by the way, it turns out that it was just a loose wire somewhere. Just to set the record straight I actually DID open the hood and look inside, which my daughter thought was hilarious. However, when we got home, Dave took it a step further and opened the air filter thing, saw a loose wire, and now all is well.

I'm loving 2009 already...


  1. Ah, Lee, I'm so sorry you had such a disappointing day. Sending you hugs and hopes that a future expedition to the stitching shop is satisfying and fruitful!

  2. Oh what a sad day! Have you tried Covered Bridge Needlearts? About a 40 minute drive from Pittsburgh...highway driving not bad at all. I go there whenever I get home to visit. Worth the trip!

  3. Oh, that stinks! I hate when I have plans to make it to a shop for some S.E.X. and something happens to throw my plans out of whack! Grrrrr. Sorry you didn't make it.

    And ick about the tow truck ride, but I'm glad there was nothing major with your car. *whew*

    TODAY... today will be better!