Monday, January 05, 2009

Getting back to normal

I suppose I'm almost there. John is still here at home - I'll be driving him back to college on Sunday, because we haven't replaced the wrecked car yet. But Colleen is back in school, and Dave's work schedule will be much more normal for the next several weeks, so our routine will become....well, routine again.

Remember my 500th post giveaway? Well, Jennifer has received it, and so now I can show you the scissor pocket that I sent her.

Here's the front: Back: Inside:

But then before I sent it, I switched the ribbon closure to a snap closure. The ribbon was too fussy.


  1. Even more jealous that I didn't win! That's lovely.

  2. Very pretty - I love the fabric on the inside

  3. That's beautiful! Lucky winner. :)

  4. That is gorgeous Lee! Jennifer is so lucky.

  5. Gorgeous scissor pocket! I love the pattern and colors and your finishing is flawless!!!