Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I found it!

This is completely weird, but I found instructions to make that very cool scissor sheath.

Here's how it came about...

As I was doing my usual 7AM blog cruise, I came across Cathy's blog, and she had taken some ornaments for a 2000 JCS ornament issue and reworked them as pinkeep birthday gifts. So, around lunchtime I got to thinking about some of my older ornament issues and decided to revisit them with my 2009 changed eyes and tastes.

So - if not for Cathy and her very creative mind, I would not have stumbled upon this!

And SON of a GUN if there wasn't a Quaker Scissor Sheath designed by Ellen Chester of With My Needle in the 2005 issue! It looks like this, but with a slightly different Quaker design.

Actually, I found it while I was paging through looking for a Workbasket chart, and this chart was on the opposite page. When I couldn't believe my eyes, I flipped back to the photo page and realized that it had escaped my radar because the photo is half hidden by the staples in the spine so I could only see half of it, let alone notice that it was holding scissors.

There it was - chart, list of supplies and materials, and finishing directions. Whoa.

Crazy, huh?


  1. An unlikely but happy coincidence. I hope all of 2009 is so serendipitous.

  2. It was just waiting for you! Fantastic, you are destined to make it beautifully I reckon :)

  3. Cool! When will you start stitching the scissor sheath?

  4. There is a series of WMN designs in several of the JCS issues, all matching. Its on my to-do list for one of these years LOL! I am forever looking through these magazines and finding new and amazing designs that I have overlooked previously.