Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Irish house blessing

Here's my progress from the weekend:

I had a completely unremarkable Friday and Saturday. I cooked John's favorite meal on Saturday night. Well, one of his favorites, anyway - - - Swedish meatballs over rice. Now that he's in his second year of college, he seems to love everything that I cook. And that puzzles me a little, because with the amount that I pay for housing and meals, the food at college should be fabulous.

I took him back to school on Sunday, and Meadville had SO much more snow than we did. But the roads were clear and travel was easy.

Then I hurried back home to our friends' house to watch the Steelers crush the Chargers. And now we're excited for Sunday's AFC Championship game! We'll have a bunch of our friends here for dinner and the game and win or lose, I know we'll have a good time.

I usually don't write about this kind of thing, but Dani has inspired me, so here goes! About 3 years ago, I joined Weight Watchers, and in about a year and some months I lost over 40 pounds. I felt fantastic, I started running, I was practicing and loving yoga, and I was looking forward to my 50th birthday.

Well, I don't know why, but by this past summer, I started to lose my focus. Running became a chore, and I kept hurting my feet. I had been going to yoga sporadically, and then dropped it all together. I started to lose control of my eating, and returned to making really bad food choices. I've gained 18 pounds since this time last year, and although I beat myself up for it all through December, I continued to eat and eat and eat, even though I could see where it was taking me.

OK...Yesterday I went back to my first WW meeting in two years. I'm desperately trying to take these initial weeks one day at a time. I remember that after a while, the decisions became easier and the eating worries diminished as the good habits replaced my bad habits. So Come On Easier Days!


  1. Wait -- does your son go to Allegheny? My Hub and I are both grads. Awesome school.

  2. Love your start :)
    And I too am inspired by Dani, although I don't think I've lost so much weight, I've really been trying to exercise more and eat less for the past few months. Good LUCK!

  3. Very nice progress picture.
    I wish you luck with your weight losing programme - you will be where you were in no time.

  4. Love your progress picture.

    I too am a WW - lost 35 pounds and put back 10...just like you, I lost my focus...we can cheer eachother on, what do you say?