Friday, January 02, 2009

It might be a good thing...

If I gave my own answers to this little meme that I made up! I meant to do it yesterday, but I was a complete slug, particularly after dinner when I just seemed to crash and wanted to do nothing but watch mindless TV. Seriously. I didn't move from the chair for hours.

I guess I just can't drink wine like I used to.

So, now to answer these questions!

1. Did you discover any new (or new-to-you) designers in 2008? And your favorite was?
I developed a real thing for Blackbird Designs. I've only stitched a couple, but I love their samplers.

2. New Fabrics?
After all this time at stitching, who would have thought that I'd develop a love for 11 count Tula?? I mean, with the right design, like a PS Santa, it's fabulous!

3. Same question - New fibres?
No - nothing new to me this year. I used some interesting stuff in one of my stitch camp projects, but I don't really know what it was. Very Velvet something or other? Does it ring a bell with anyone?

4. Same question - New finishing techniques?
Have I told you lately about my love for scissor pockets?

5. Did you have a favorite "theme" in 2008?
I'm still loving the whole Quaker thing, and I've been kind of crazy about buying them, but maybe it's time for me to actually stitch a few of them...

6. Did you try any new gadgets?
That magnifier thing that goes around your neck and rests on top of your girls? Love it.

7. Did you discover any new (or new-to-you) LNS in 2008? And your favorite was?
Sadly, we've all been saying no to this one. I've tried to get to a shop in Pittsburgh called Beehive Stitchery, but it has such limited hours, it's almost impossible to get there when it's open.

8. Same question: new or new-to-you online stores?
No to this, also. I tend to stick to my tried and trues, especially when I'm online shopping.

9. Same question: new or new-to-you bloggers
a) stitching bloggers
b) bloggers in general?

I think this one deserves its own post. I hope to put something together over the weekend.

10. Same question: communities/forums
Once again - I seem to have my tried and true groups.

11. Whose blog in 2008 was the Most inspirational for keeping you stitching?
This one is so hard to answer, because you all inspire me in one way or another. Even if you only show a few finishes a year, I still love to see what you've done. I've developed new skills and acquired new tastes because of many of you, and in particular I've learned that I really like to "tweek" designs and make them my own. There are so many of you are so good at that.

And now I'm going to say out loud what I've only been thinking to myself but, what the heck, I'm going to say it anyway. There are some bloggers that are such crazy-prolific stitchers (and shoppers) that I tend to stay away from their blogs. They totally intimidate me. So I think that those stitchers may be at the top of everyone else's favorites, but I kind of skip over them. Call me insecure. Go ahead. But I just can't warm up to those blogs.

12. Whose blog was funniest in 2008?
I love to read Crazy Aunt Purl. Her approach to life is priceless!

13. Which blog's posts did you "star" the most in your reader in 2008?
Usually, I starred posts from the Freebie Gallery, because I go back and look for them later. But I also go back and reread Adrienne Martini's posts, just because I love how she writes and thinks.

Well girlies, those are my answers.

Also, I think I'm at the end of The 2008 Holidailies, where we pledged to write 20 posts from December 5th through January 5th. Ta Dah! Done. Thank you all for reading and commenting this month, too. I know how busy everyone is at this time of year.

And did I remember to wish you all a Happy New Year?

I hope you have a year of peace, health and prosperity! Oh! And stitching as much as your heart desires!


  1. Happy New Year, ya lush. Glad you're back among the functioning. ;)

  2. I can't drink wine like I used to either :)

  3. Blackbird Designs is among my favourites, too. I want to stitch at least one of their designs this year.

    So, what will be your first Quaker this year?

    Enjoyed your answers and wish you and your family a Happy New Year, too.

  4. Had to chuckle over your frustration with the super prolific stitchers/stashers among us. I understand your feelings. :) After reading their blogs and picking up my jaw, I just figure they have a very different life from mine, lol.

  5. Thank you for the link to Aunt Purl ... she's brilliant. And as far as the super-human stitchers go, I keep asking the same question: How do these women get so much done? I'm gonna tell my self that I'm just having too much away-from-stitching fun.

  6. Happy New Year! I'm just working on my own answers at the moment, the perfectionist in my won't post until I have every little linky right LOL

    I have to say, I get a bit intimidated by the prolific BAP stitchers - I know I look busy on my blog, but that's because I do little stuff. I'd hate for anyone to feel put off by my blog! What they don't see is I stitch so much because I don't do housework LOL I also get put off by the big stashers, perhaps it's British reserve over money ;o)

  7. I'm still working on my answers & will try to post on Monday or Tuesday