Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Near Catastrophe

For the past few years, Dave has renewed his interest in anything audio. He's been fooling around with old and used speakers, receivers, amplifiers, and he's accumulated quite a collection. So just before Christmas, he decided that our partially finished basement was going to become his audio room, and last weekend he finally had some time off, so he hauled all of that stuff down there.

He had a fun weekend testing things and some pretty crazy sounds were coming out of that basement, but what the heck, it's all in good fun, right?

Except that my house is old, and like most houses in this neighborhood, it was built as a summer home, so there are many things that it's short on. Insulation is one thing, and the other? Electrical outlets.

So, in order to make his stuff work, Dave had to unplug a few things.

One of them was my upright freezer.

Last night he went down to the freezer to get a loaf of bread, and discovered that he had never plugged it back in. We threw away a lot of non-rescue-able things, but most of the meats were only partially defrosted. Two turkeys. A gigantic pork loin, loads of chops, some steaks, and about a half dozen whole chicken breasts.

Can you guess what I'll be doing all day?

I'll be cooking like a mad woman, and I should be able to save lots of it for our football party this Sunday. But would anyone like to come to dinner tonight? We'll be having meat. Not much else. Just meat.


  1. Oh dear! SOMEDAY you'll look back on this and laugh. :) I wish you stamina and plenty of olive oil...

  2. I completely understand!
    I too am married to an antiquated audiophile (the equipment, not the guy)!
    I have lived with wires strung everywhere, appliances not working!
    I cannot bring anyone into my cellar. I live in fear of the washer or dryer breaking!

  3. Oh gee, that sounds like what my brother did when he lived in Florida, though he had no power and they had a humongous barbecue!

  4. Yikes! Glad you'd already planned for a football party.

  5. Hope you got all your cooking done!
    I totally understand the shortage of outlets.Our house is also old and when we moved in some rooms didn't have more than two or three outlets, plus, the whole house was run on - I forget how many breakers. Less than six, I know. If you tried to use the toaster and microwave at the same time it threw the breaker!