Friday, January 23, 2009

Now that I've turned 50, I'm being a good patient

Suddenly I'm faced with all of these "recommended" medical exams. This week I've been to the dermatologist for my yearly once-over, and he found an unusual spot on my back. So he took a sample and told me to keep it clean and use an antibiotic ointment and bandage. Except it's in the dead center of my back, so unless there's someone home when I come out of the shower, I'm S.O.L.

And because I was such a conscientious patient, I thought I should buy myself a scroll frame and since JoAnn's was just down the road, I stopped in and bought a very inexpensive frame to try out.**

Two days later I visited my gynecologist, who I absolutely adore. I wish my family doctor was half as wonderful. So I had that yearly exam, got my prescriptions renewed, and zipped down the road for my mammogram. And since I was behaving like such an adult, I rewarded myself with a little side trip to a new-to-me shop, called Needle Point Breeze. It's a small needlepoint store in a part of Pittsburgh called Point Breeze, and I only just found it while I was fooling around online. I could not believe how close it was to my doctor's office. They had a really nice selection of threads, and a big basket of discontinued and therefore discounted Needle Necessities threads, so I treated myself to a few threads that were yelling "Buy me. You know you want me. You know you'll use me. Just buy me!"
I wish I had had a specific project in mind, because I could have bought much, much more. But my mind went totally blank as I went from rack to rack. Next time I'll be more focused. Right. Also right handy there is a pharmacy called Schillers Cosmetique and Pharmacy and they have the greatest selection of soaps and creams and other wonderful things. Including this most fabulous hand cream.

So anyway, I think I rewarded myself nicely. And just wait till you see what I buy myself after my recommended colonoscopy...

I'm almost finished with the Sampler Girl freebie. There's just the simple border to stitch, but I'm thinking that I need something in the space under "the fire". Hm. This needs more thought.

**Thanks to everyone who has advised me and written about their scroll frame preferences. I'm leaning towards a lap frame holder with a universal type clamp, but I want to give this cheapy frame a try first. There are some real beauties out there!


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the colonoscopy because I was going to have to. It's the prep that kills you. But you'll manage. :)

  2. After all those appointments, I think a little stash shopping was definitely deserved!

    I'm going to the dentist on Monday in my parent's home town, and Ma has found some yarn for me which I will pick up - that's almost as good, as it's a week to pay day :o)

  3. After a medical appointment stash shopping is the best thing that can be done. I'd do the same if there was a LNS soemwhere here. And oh, I love your new threads - there is one with pinkish and green colour shades which looks terrific.
    The Sampler Girl freebie looks so nice. She is one of my favourite designers, particularly with her Jane Austen series.

  4. After the colonscopy, you will have the right to a BIG spending as this exam , from what I read, is not a pleasant one ....

    Great threads !!!

    PS: a sign for the colonscopy: my word verification is : colisest : sure it is a sign !!! lol

  5. You have some wonderful, very well-deserved rewards there :) Enjoy!!!

  6. My heavens you've been so good! You deserve all your stash goodies. Here's hoping you and your new frame get along.

  7. Going stash shopping is absolutely the right response to all those tests and appts. As for the colonoscopy, get the pills if you can. Much, much easier than drinking the glop. you still have to drink all the water, but at least it's only water.

  8. I turn 50 (ack!) in March so have to do everything over the next few months.

    Colonoscopy deserves something REALLY good!