Friday, January 09, 2009

Remember summer camp...

...Where we made all of those tile mosaics? My mother had more ashtrays, trivets, and candy dishes than any one person deserved to have. Not to mention plastic band lanyards, telephone wire art, and gum wrapper chains (which 40 years later would morph into one of these who-woulda-thought?) Heck, if I had five kids, I'd be singing the praises of daycamps and daycamp crafts.

Well, here is a campy type project that is fun to look at and good for your wallet, too. In our world today, who needs all those credit cards, anyway?

Giving credit where credit is due (yuck, yuck...get it, get it?), this is from Craftstylish, and I found it through One Pretty Thing, which I've mentioned here before and which even after the holidays is still chock full of interesting ideas.

They say snow's coming tonight, and we have some TV to watch, and that means stitching will be done!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog Lee. Feels kind of lonely out there sometimes.

    Really enjoyed looking at your blog. I know I stumbled upon it at one time or another because I remember the picture of the Adirondack chairs but I must not have put you in my reader (which I have now done). My husband is from NH...Adirondack chairs by the lake is something we are familiar with!
    Take care,

    Barb in Ohio

  2. Hi again,

    Was just browsing through your blog again (I can't seem to get out of this chair) and see that your daughter may be interested in the College of Wooster. I live in Wooster (Wootown). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have a son in College (Colorado) and a daughter still in high school (a junior).

    Barb in "Wootown"