Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6 Things

Our trip to Erie was a good one. It's helped Colleen narrow down her school choices a little more. I'll tell you that both colleges were very good to us. The students were very nice, and the staff members at both colleges took a very keen intereste in Colleen and were very informative. She's come away thinking that Mercyhurst had a better program for English majors, though.

This is new territory for us. We're heavier in science backgrounds and John went to school intending to be a biology major, so we were comfortable with that. An English major, though? We're a little lost. If any of you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.

I've been working on a "red" project - a little exchange block for my Yahoo group. Nothing to show right now, though.

Meanwhile, I saw this on one the book blogs that I read, and it looked like fun. So here are six things that make me happy!

My family!


Good coffee!

Good Books!


And of course...My stitching!

Now maybe six of you would like to play, too? (You don't have to add pictures if it's too much work. How's about:

But seriously, since I pilfered this from someone else's blog and started to play on my own, you should absolutely do the same thing if this looks like fun for you!


  1. Very nice pictures of your favourites!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me. Plenty of things make me happy, reading your posts is one of them !
    Sorry, no advice at hand regarding US colleges and English majors... French universities & business schools, maybe ? ;=)

  3. I have a few English degrees. I'd be happy to speak to your daughter or you about this.

  4. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing those 6 things with us!

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  6. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and your 6 happy things.
    Loved the red sampler.

    Sorry had to delete the earlier post, case of wrong ID (belong to DD - she didn't sign out)

  7. Opps! Just saw this Lee. I'll do it one of these days-hopefully tomorrow.
    Brian and his dad were English majors. You can actually get a ton of jobs with that major. Do a search. Sean, on the other hand, has to pick something a little more specialized-Geography with a climatology minor. He wants to work for the National Geographic maybe?