Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Guess what I'm doing tonight.

Except that it's dark. And the wind is blowing. And it's still snowing.

Winter sucks.


  1. something I do not miss....Stay warm.

  2. Oh my! Stitching sounds much better ...

  3. Isn't this winter just awful? Stay warm and reward yourself with lots of stitching after. Take care.

  4. I had to shovel our driveway last week (DD helped) so I could get to work. I have been so spoiled, but with son at college and hubby at work, there was no option! I must admit, I was proud of myself and it didn't even hurt the next day. I am thinking we need to "switch out" tasks around here, because sooner or later, things change and there we'll be, trying to figure out how to get the oil in the car changed :)