Thursday, February 05, 2009

Misery loves company

Thank you all for commiserating with me over last night's snow shoveling wingding. Well, some of you were commiserating from warm parts of the earth, but just knowing that you felt my pain made it much easier to bear.

I wrote that post while I was having a pity party for myself, because I was home alone and I had no one to send outside to do it for me. (I ask you, what good are teenagers if they aren't home to shovel snow or cut grass when you need them?) All in all, it wasn't so awful. It was bitterly cold, but the snow was light and fluffy. I suppose I'd rather move fluffy snow in zero-degree weather than move heavy wet snow in temps that make you sweat while you work.

Here's a little more progress on Spot of Coffee. I had actually stitched a border under the verse, but one little mistake and I took the whole thing out. Still, it's going quickly, and I like it. I think it'll be time to go back to my DT sampler after this and finally finish it!

Our Philly trip seems to be turning into a drama. My family can be so weird. Dave and I are only in town for one night, and we had an extra concert ticket so we invited my mother to come to dinner and the show with us. And since the trip was short, I had told my sister that I'd meet her for breakfast Saturday morning, before we left to drive home again. Well, the Saturday morning thing has turned into some people feeling UN-invited, and they don't want to "intrude" and yada-yada -yada. Sheesh. If you want to come to the diner, then come to the diner for heaven's sake.

Do they think that I'll see them and give them the hairy eyeball and tell them to sit somewhere else? Do they think that Janet and I are telling deep, dark secrets at the Red Lion Diner? Breakfast is just breakfast.

Drama. Grrr.


  1. And would that be the Red Lion Diner in Philly or somewhere else?

    Maybe *I'll" show up uninvited- that would really stir the pot, lol!

    Hope you have a good weekend in spite of all the drama!

  2. Lovely progress on Spot of Coffee.

    Hope your weeeknd goes without a hitch:)

  3. lol, Lord save us from dinner dramas! I was definitely feeling your pain where the snow shoveling was concerned. I don't have teenagers, but I do have a husband...albeit currently in another state. I had to shovel my own snow too. I got the bright idea I'd just salt it. Apparently, table salt is not the same as rock salt. I ended up out there anyway, shoveling salty half melted snow before the end.

  4. I love this little pattern...yours is coming along nicely

  5. This is sweet Lee!
    Hey, it's your ticket and all and your mom, shouldn't be an issue.
    We didn't get as much snow as out your way, but the ice underneath it was the pits.
    Love your sunset photos!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Gotta love another Judge Judy fan!! ;) Your Ode to the Scared Brown Elixir of Llife is wonderful so far. YGG! Hope your weekend in Philly was good!

  7. Great job on Spot of Coffee. I stitched this a while ago and had lots of fun.

  8. Love seeing your little Spot of Coffee!

    As for the teenager thing - it's just so wrong! You work so hard training those kids to be useful and they get to a certain age and think they have their own life! :D