Friday, February 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

I haven't told you yet! Last week Colleen and I found her prom dress. And here it is:It's absolutely adorable on her. The bust fits her well, which is no small miracle, and it gives her a waist. And she'll be standing up straight when she wears it. No fashion-model oddball-leaning postures will be allowed.

And is it just me, or does it look like they photographed the models in a padded room? Is there a fellow in a straitjacket tossing himself around off-camera? Maybe the little models are leaning slightly away from Mr. Crazy.

Dave and I have been spending a lot of time in the car lately. We've been in hot pursuit of a couple of things. Me - I've been on the hunt for a cheap used treadmill (cheap is the most important criteria). And we finally found one that's pretty darn decent in the Pittsburgh Craigslist for only $150.

This winter kicked my butt physical fitness wise, with so much ice and wind and cold, cold, cold. I've been able to get outside to run or walk through most winters, but not this year. Still - I can't justify spending hundreds (and some people spend thousands) on a piece of equipment that I intend to use, yet I'm also realistic about and know that most of these things end up as cobweb catchers. I feel pretty lucky to have found this treadmill. And if I use it a lot until the weather here improves, and through next winter, maybe I'll buy a really good one. And if not, I'm certain I can re-sell it for close to what I've just paid for it.

And Dave? He's been working on his "listening room". Last year we started clearing out parts of the basement/game room, because the kids didn't use it any more. We hauled out the 1980's couch, the gargantuan TV, the old VCR, and the old Sega Genesis stuff. Since then he's been busily creating a place where he can listen to old a 1960's atmosphere. And it's been kind of fun, going here and there and finding crazy furniture, lamps, and other 60's decor. we're in Lent. And every year comes the discussion about what we're giving up. Dave and I were talking about it Wednesday evening and decided that we'd stop cursing through Lent. Believe it or not, this relatively calm, middle aged, cross-stitching mother of two has a cursing vocabulary that could make a sailor blush, and it's become so habitual that I don't even think about it anymore. Dave, too. And since sometimes what we say can influence the way we behave, Dave and I were thinking that maybe cleaning up our language would help us behave in a nicer way. So that's what we're doing.

Now, before you go thinking that Lee and Dave are like...super noble...or something, I should tell you that this conversation happened at Appleby's, after dinner, when we were trying to decide whether or not to have the Molten Chocolate Cake dessert, since our previous Lenten observance had been to give up chocolate cake. Not so noble now, is it?

But we still didn't have the cake. Well, Lent is long.


  1. The prom dress is just gorgeous!!! I wish I would have one like that at my prom! LOL Wow, that was a while ago! Dave's listening room sounds great! I am sure that ya'll have had a good time looking for items for it. Hope that you have found a good treadmill!

  2. You always make me smile :) Thank you for that...

    First off: Love the dress...I'd of course look like the Octopus Woman on Little Mermaid minus the tentacles if I were to ever ensconse myself in one, but ah for the young...glorious!

    60's Room: COOL man...totally!

    And as for your Lenten resolutions...I applaud your efforts, I think I'd fail at that one. We gave up eating out as a family none of that for 40 loooong days....and for me? Well I gave up eating almost period. :)

  3. That is another thing we don't have here, prom nights. That's why French kids love to watch US films featuring student life, because they find everything is so different. I remember receiving pictures of my American cousins on the day of their Hight School ball - standing stiff next to their date, dressed up, made up - for us, end of year parties meant denims and T-shirts, and sneakers... But I love the dress you have chosen and I am sure Colleen will be a hit !

  4. LOVE the dress.

    I have such an awful potty inspire me to clean it up a little. LOL

  5. I really love Colleen's dress! I've seen wedding dresses like that with the 'smocking' or 'tucking' too.
    I already messed up a few 'give ups'. I cussed a few times this week already and just had ice cream. Bri's car is sitting up in the parking lot at work dead as door nail. He just put $$$ in it a few months ago. I think I deserved to do the above.

  6. Oh, wonderful dress for Colleen. And good luck with your treadmill. I got one about a year ago from a friend who didn't use it any longer - now it's in my house and I should use it, but ... it's become a cobweb catcher as you said. Sigh. Just by looking at it I won't regain any fitness, I doubt.

  7. What a beautiful dress. Maybe the models have one leg shorter than the other, hence the alarming leaning AND the padded room! LOL
    The 60's room sounds groovy baby.
    Good luck with the language clean up too.

  8. Guess what we were doing yesterday? Shopping for a prom dress! This was after leaving the hospital where DH had his hip surgery. We had been there all day, but the mall was right on the way home. Claire found a dress that she likes but is uncertain which color she wants. I am thinking it is too "bridesmaidy looking" but I don't know if I can change her mind. She made up her mind that she didn't want to spend $300-$400 so you get what you pay for. She thinks as a senior next year she may want a fancier dress, but who knows what lies in store for next year? She also may be going to 2 proms this year (boyfriend goes to another school)! Where did you get the dress?

    I go to a gym for $34 a month. Love (yeah...sure) the elliptical and the bike. I am more likely to exercise if I pay for it, but I don't do it enough. Lazy.

    DH and I realized how much we were using bad language when our kids starting spewing it. We're still not perfect, but I think it's gotten better. Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than cussing, especially when angry.

  9. Lent is long! So far, I'm kind of cheating and decided to give up being lazy in prayer, and am trying to pray in a more disciplined way. :)

    Love the prom dress!!

    I tagged you at my blog....

  10. Beautiful dress!! I hope she has a great time at her prom.

    We took the same approach with our first treadmill... we went cheap. Then found out that we actually used the thing a LOT and upgraded after 1 1/2 years. I can't wait until the roads/trails clear so I can return to running outside again... (and then return to the "dread"mill next winter).

    lol Good luck with Lent :)

  11. Oh, what a dress! Ah, to be young again.

    So, you're one of us girls with a mouth that needs some soap? Lent without those naughty words should be interesting. I'm not sure which is more difficult ... giving up the f-word (among others) or chocolate. Good luck!

  12. The prom dress is stunning! She'll be beautiful.

    You know it would be hard to give up cursing, especially in an argument. Not that it gives you leverage but does make DH very aware you are ticked to the max when you finally use bad language! LOL So far I haven't done well with Lent anyway. : ( Not even sure what I did give up, probably candy or sweets and I've lost that battle. Good luck Lee!

  13. That's a lovely dress!

    My mom is a designer and I'll ask her to make one for prom!