Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One foot in front of the other

That's the way I felt walking through Pechin's Grocery Store today. Pechins is one of those off price places. They have things that are kind of unusual and typically right at the end of their shelf life. But for us, especially in the summer with College Boy around, we go through food really fast, so there are bargains to be had! Now that it's just the three of us, I only go about once a month, if that. But I'm going way off track here.

So - Pechins is still trying to get rid of its Christmas candy, and Oh-Lord-Help-Me they still had their Christmas Mint M&M's and they were practically giving them away. Now, I'm going to guess that M&M's and Christmas Mint M&M's in particular were responsible for several of the pounds I've put on since November. Well, they didn't exactly jump into my mouth. I sort of put them there. But I couldn't stop.

And today I knew that I had to just keep walking. Goodbye, my little loves.

Good news, though! I went for brisk walks on Sunday AND Monday, and even threw in a little running Monday. February always fills me with hope...And give us fabulous sunsets. This was just outside my front door yesterday.
And then not more than ten minutes later!

I watched some of an HBO series last night, Generation Kill, about Marines in Iraq. I think it's disturbing, but I can't seem to stop watching. And I stitched a bit on Spot of Coffee, amid all of the F-bombs and other colorful Marine language.

We're headed to Philly Friday to see Three Girls and Their Buddy at the Keswick. It'll be a very short stay though, because Dave couldn't get the whole weekend off. I wish we could stay more than one night, but I'm glad we're getting to go at all.

Oh! And I've just read that Gaelic Storm will be at the Palace Theatre in Greensburg PA on March 31. I remember that some of you liked them, too!

(No WW progress to report. I missed last week because I was on a college visit with Colleen. And this week? Well, my meetings are on Monday mornings. And the Steelers won the Super Bowl Sunday night. Enough said?)


  1. Congrats on passing by the M&Ms. That's a terrific feat.

    Thanks for the sunset photos. I miss that quality of light leaving here in DC. The second photo in particular is spectacular!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!!

    Hope you enjoy the Keswick- I live not too far from there.

    I also really like Gaelic Storm!

  3. Gorgeous sunset, Lee!

    Congrats to you and your Steelers. :D I will admit to rooting for the underdogs, since all the odds makers had Pittsburgh winning. The main thing for me was that it was a great game to watch!

  4. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous! I can't say that I like February because it's the month of my yearly cold/sinusitis or whatever. But what I like about February is that sunrise happens earlier with each day and in March it's day when I drive to work in the morning. That's good!

  5. WOW that is a fantastic sunset!

    M&M's are my downfall too...sad thing is I have a case of them somewhere in this house...for Ellie (they are church treats for her) But anyway....we buy them by the case (individual packaged) from Sam's because of their price, but when we get home, I make DH HIDE them away so I don't know where they are. . . but...I could probably find them, as he's not real through in his hiding most times...
    Love your WIP...looking great!

  6. What GORGEOUS sunsets!

    Your WIP is looking good!