Friday, February 20, 2009

Red stitching

I keep writing about it, although I'm still not finished! But I thought it was time for a photo. Sorry - my photo is too dark. The fabric is lambswool and the color is a variegated DMC (115: Red to Burgundy)

This is a block for a Yahoo group exchange, and that's why it's stitched on aida cloth.

I'll tell you what...these LHN designs look so easy, but in reality they are pretty dense with stitches and can take longer to finish than I would have thought.

Also, to go back a post or two, thanks to some good advice from some very sensible blogging friends, I feel like we have a better understanding of Colleen's college choices.

I was fussing over this stuff so much - - I know I was driving her crazy. I just have to trust that Colleen is a very bright and self-assured young woman, and she'll make her own best choice. I know she'll ask me what I think, and I know she'll listen carefully, and that makes me feel good, but I must let her decide.

Which is very difficult for an oldest-child-control-freak like me, who must always know everything and must always be the decider and if not the decider, at least the fixer.

Oops. I may have said too much.


  1. It's hard work being an oldest-child-control-freak! Especially when we want to control our uncontrollable children. I'm right there with you.

  2. My daughter is looking at schools also but she is only a junior. She has no clue what she wants but at least she is thinking about it. Near or far, big or small, rural or many choices. And she mentioned "communication major" which had me worried. I said, how about physical therapy? That didn't go over very well, but she may still take anatomy next year.

    My son applied to the one college that fit him to a T and that's where he is. Too bad it's a 2 day drive away!

  3. DH and I are both oldest children, luckily for our kids there are too many of them to micro-manage, lol!

  4. Don't worry, we are what we are, and it's not that bad ! And our children love us the way we are.

  5. That's looking really pretty. The Hermit bought me the chart for my birthday and it's hard not starting on it straight away!

  6. It's always nice to have advice from people who went through the same thing as your daughter;-) and she'll be happier studying something she really loves rather than something to make you happy ;-)

  7. This LHN piece is really lovely.

  8. Love the LHN piece!

    And from one oldest-child-control-freak to's HARD not to give advice! Just try keeping your lip zipped while listening to wedding plans like I am! Oy! And as the mother of the groom, I get very little say in any of the planning.

  9. Both of my currently in college children knew when they had found the right school. They both had found things they liked about some other schools, but in the end when they found the correct one, there was no other choice possible. DD loves her school so much, she overcame her introverted tendencies to become a tour guide. Trust your daughter. She'll figure it out.

  10. your daughter will figure out what is best for her.
    great job on the WIP and pretty scissors.

  11. Your LHN looks great. I agree, constructing those houses does take a lot of time.

    College choices are so difficult. We have been thru this twice. Our youngest is still in HS.

  12. Your LHN piece is looking lovely. I love the red you chose for it.

    My eldest DD is, hopefully, going to university in the Autumn and she's set her heart on going to one about 25 miles away and travelling from home each day. We've advised her it'd be best if she lived in as it'll mean her taking two buses each way but she's been insistant she's staying at home- until last Saturday when she suddenly announced she was thinking of living in! So we'll wait and see!