Thursday, February 19, 2009

This wind!

I wish you all could come and sit in my living room, just so you could hear the wind howl. In the summertime, there's always a refreshing breeze. I love my wind chimes and I love to sit outside and feel the breeze on my face. But it's positively insane once winter rolls around. It's hard to describe and I don't think most people would believe me anyway, unless they've sat in any of my front rooms and listened to it.

So please come over. I'll make some tea and coffee and we'll have something yummy to eat. Besides, people generate body heat and it will help take the chill off of these rooms!

Hurry up Spring!


  1. Wish I could take you up on your invite! When I went to work at 6am today, it was snowing and blowing and so cold! Will this winter never end???

  2. I believe you! We have had a lot of Winter this season & I'm so ready for Spring. We had another blast of 4" (never mind the drifting) last night & have 4-5 more Fri-Sat

    Snow is one thing; however, when the wind gets involved, it is something.

  3. I understand completely! Denver has had so much wind this winter and almost no snow. It's crazy.

  4. I had to go outside and retrieve my giant wheeled garbage bin that was blowing down the middle of my street today. (I heard thunder and wondered what the hell it was!) Crazy wind!

  5. Oh gosh Lee, certainly you don't have wind like we do here in Kansas! There are times I swear the house will blow down. I wish I could take you up on the offer of tea though.