Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three musical shows!

I don't have too much to say about stitching today, but I've been to three - yes, three! - musical events in the past week.

I'll start with the great stuff. Tuesday night we went to WVU to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt. It was just them and their guitars, but they talked and told stories and interacted with the crowd. Sometimes they sang alone, and sometimes they sang together and it was a great evening. John Hiatt has a voice as big as the mountains, and Lyle Lovett's voice is more delicate. But many of Lyle Lovett's songs need a big sound behind it, and Hiatt's accompaniment was perfect. You could tell that they had given a lot of thought to meshing their talents, and it was a fabulous show. And to think that we almost didn't go after our experience of Friday night's show...but you'll read more about that later.

Wednesday night Colleen, The Boyfriend and I went to see a production of Sweeney Todd, also at WVU. It was wonderful. The kids had seen the movie but I hadn't, and I think that because of that I enjoyed it even more because the ending surprised me.

So this week we saw some great things. But last week? Stop here if you don't want to read my complaints.

Last Friday was our trip to Philly to see the Three Girls and their Buddy show...except that Buddy Miller wasn't there. He had left the Philly show because he was in L.A. for the Grammy Awards (he played with Alison Krause and Robert Plant). Let me tell you...he was very, very missed. I like all three of the women (Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, and Emmylou Harris), but without accompaniment by Buddy Miller, the music was blah. Much like the Lovett/Hiatt show, they simply came out on stage, sat in a row, and took turns singing songs. Sometimes this works, but Friday night it was....yawn... Boring. In other shows, Miller took his turn as well, but he also accompanied every song that each woman sang. I mean, I'm no music expert, but even I could tell that part of the music was missing. Sometimes one of the artists would try to accompany the other, but it fell flat. It was weak.

If I had known ahead of time that Buddy wasn't going to be there, I absolutely would have sold my tickets. Honestly, I felt ripped off.

Well, I guess if I'm in for a penny, I'm in for a pound, so now I'll bitch a little about the Keswick Theater. Parking? Almost none. Handicap parking? One space. Seriously. And the concert-goers were inconsiderate at best. Folks - when a show starts at 7:30, that doesn't mean that you get to the theater at 7:45, then have your cocktails in the lobby, thereby making you even more late, then you and 25 of your closest friends waltz in whenever the hell you feel like it and walk up and down the aisles trying to find your seats then disturb everyone else as you climb over them to get into your seats. It was aggravating and rude.

Well gang, I'm still working on Spot of Coffee, but it seems that every time I stitch on it, I end up ripping half of my stitching out. This nicer weather seems to have addled my brain...But I've stitched a little this afternoon (yes, and ripped a little, too), and I'm looking forward to some Happy Chair Time tonight. That's Coni's little gem of a saying, not mine! And I love it.

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  1. You're a lucky girl to see John and Lyle together ... they're fabulous! And so sad about the girls, all of whom I love dearly. Also sad that people behave so badly. I'm to the point that everywhere I go, I expect the masses to be asses.