Thursday, March 19, 2009

Because you asked

OK, I should never have said a word about the T-shirt. Now I feel really bad. And let me mitigate this by saying that my Dave is sweet, kind, caring, and almost always a good gift giver when it comes to birthdays and holidays. Also let me tell you that he didn't drive on this trip. He carpooled with a friend, Mike, and didn't want to ask Mike if he could use his car. Meaning that he could only shop in golf course pro shops. (One day he phoned and told me that they were selling Schwety balls in one of the pro shops. I love Alec Baldwin, but I was less than enthusiastic.)

So, Dave was unpacking the dirty laundry, and said, "Oh, here's your gift..."

Of course I wouldn't take it and he felt awful and ladies, I completely understood and I felt awful that he felt so awful.

Now...having said great of a birthday present do you think I'll get at the end of the month? I mean - besides framing Souvenir Sampler?


  1. Oh between you and Stitch Bitch, I am busting a gut with laughter!

  2. Work it, babe, work it! LOL

  3. Since my dear husband screwed up my birthday last year, I have recieved:

    a ring on my anniversary
    china hutch and sideboard for Christmas
    framed artwork for my birthday
    and now I have a new car!

    Good luck! It's amazing what a bit of guilt can do (well in our case, that and a huge jump in income.)

  4. Well I just can not wait to see what you do get for your birthday after that one! LMAO!!

  5. Oh yea! This is gonna be good! (lol)

  6. Hi Lee,

    Please come by my blog and pick up an award! Enjoy the weekend.

  7. LOL, oh dear. The poor man. I can't wait to see what he does to make up for that one!

  8. All of our poor doghouse-dwelling husbands....I guilted mine into bring me a burger for dinner since I started my second job (working weekends at another college's library) today. Lots of "I'm OFF TO WORK now...enjoy RELAXING without me....see you AT 9 PM...." :)

  9. Hey Lee, I can't for the life of me imagine why I lost track of your blog the way I did, but I'm so glad I re-discovered it. You've been stitching some amaazing projects, and received some very nice gifts too!
    I can't wait to see what your hubby comes up with for your birthday, but I have the feeling it had better be something good :o))