Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The boy made it home

There were some harrowing moments yesterday, but John was able to get on that overbooked Delta flight and he was back to his college sometime around midnight last night. Phew.

Unfortunately, there was still another glitch. USAir completely mangled my suitcase. They broke the wheels off and ripped the top cover open. Luckily, all of his belongings were there, and USAir replaced the suitcase (haven't seen the replacement yet - probably something cheap but hopefully functional). So it was no huge deal, but just another bit of aggravation during the longest 36 hours of that boy's life.

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments and concerns. I was having a tough time of it yesterday. My mother is not doing well. She had knee replacement surgery three weeks ago and her physical recovery is good, but emotionally she's a wreck. I know it all goes back to her grief over my dad, but she has refused any and all help or companionship offered to her, whether it had to do with bereavement or not. And she really needs that help and companionship, so she's a mess.

Also, Colleen received an acceptance letter from a college that she had her heart set on, and that's happy news, but the unhappy news was that they didn't award her a single penny in scholarship money. And without that scholarship money, we can't afford that school. Financial aid? What a laugh. I swear it's all smoke and mirrors. Dave is a pharmacist, and I'm a part-time bookkeeper. We're far from rich. Tell me how FAFSA has determined that we can afford $37,000 per year per child? I could puke.

So we're back to evaluating and re-evaluating all of the colleges that have accepted her and the scholarships she's been offered. She'll still have plenty of good choices and we're grateful for that. I remain sad, but I guess we all wish that our kids could have everything that their hearts desire, and we're sad for them when it doesn't happen.

WELL - I hope to have a nice stitching photo for you tomorrow. I'm working on a BBD stocking from the March pamphlet and ho boy do I like it!


  1. We have a totally different school system here, universities are almost free of charge, but business schools are not, and obviously my elest wants to join a business school(which will cost about 13,000 USD/year - and no scholarships)... Getting into one of these schools is not an easy task though, students have to take national-level entrance exams (registration cost = 2,000 USD) - that's 4 weeks of morning & afternoon tests & essays - and you can end up with no school taking you on board...
    Good luck to Colleen : college does not determine the rest of her life ; she might be slightly disappointed right now, but if she is a winner (and shemust be, being a runner...), she'll win !

  2. Triple ouch! Is everything on the FAFSA correct? Is there a way to appeal or something like that?

    I sure hope they lower the interest rates on student loans. I think 5.6 or 6.8% is way too high and the parent loan is 8.5% Who are they kidding? Heck, our home equity loan is only about 2.5% right now!

    I'm sure the schools are hurting right now too. It really stinks...
    Hope she can find a place that works for her.

  3. I totally agree with you about FAFSA. I am a Librarian, and my husband works in a Casino. We are not rich either, by any means.

    We have a son in college and a daughter going this Fall....

  4. Aw, I'm sorry for your daughter. But at least she still has options and scholarships that will enable her to go to school. I know a lot of the universities have tightened their belts, so it's good to see that she still has a chance for a good education, even if it isn't where she wants most to attend.

    Yay! Good to hear your son made it home. Mangled suitcase not withstanding. At least they're going to replace it.

  5. Well FAFSA could use a make over in the way they decide who gets help and who don't that is for sure!!! I am so glad that John is back and safe and sound. I know that your nerves must have been a wreck!! I don't have any advise for your mom, but know that I am praying for her and keeping her in my thoughts!

  6. Glad to read that John's back and that the destroyed suitcase was the worst happening to him. I know what a relief it is when your kids just arrive safe and sound at the place where they wanted to go to.
    I hope your daughter will find a university after her taste and receive the respective scholarship for it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

  7. Man, the FAFSA - that brings back nightmares. As an emancipated student (no parents) the Feds calculated that I, a full-time independent student with a part-time bookshop job to pay rent, could contribute $26,000 toward my college tuition each year. !!!

    I was always really baffled by that, somewhat horrified and occasionally quite melodramatic when complaining about it. There are ways, though, trust me.

    I am sorry to hear about your mother, my husband and I are struggling to reach out to his mother in the same way. It can be hard.