Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bunny exchange

Around this time last year, my Yahoo group did a bunny block exchange. I received this very pretty block, and just yesterday finished it as a pinkeep. The pictures make it look a little wonky, but believe me, it's square.

The very nice thing about exchanges is that I usually get things that I like, but probably wouldn't buy/stitch myself. So when I'm in a primitive stitching mode, it's refreshing to get something feminine and pretty. Like this little block!

And late last week I received "C's" prize gift package! I'm going to use pictures she's posted on her blog, because somehow or other the chocolate bar is half eaten and some of the teabags have disappeared. Living with teenagers can be a challenge.

I have an alone day today, and I'm trying not to feel lonely. Dave is away on his Myrtle Beach golf trip, John left this morning for the college track meet in San Diego, (he'll run the 5K) and Colleen is in Pittsburgh at the Warhol Museum with the Boyfriend. And me? My travels today included a trip to the Greensburg Sam's Club to buy things for the Track Boosters concession stand, and stopping at the snack bar for a hot dog combo before I came home. was almost as much fun as it sounds.

Now I think I'll go stitch. That'll cheer me up!


  1. Beautiful finish! I love this bunny...he's so cute and happy looking.

  2. Love the trim you used for the bunny! Great finishing.

  3. That is a sweet little square-love the finishing too.
    The teacup is right up my alley too.
    I will be having more alone time now that Sean went back to PSU. Can't believe he has about 65 days left up there. I didn't blubber as much this time. ; )

  4. Nice pinkeep. I particularly like the trim and fabric you used.

  5. I love a day on my own... probably because I never get any ! The pink-keep (!) looks very romantic. I am always very hesitant with exchanges - what I like I stitch, and for the rest, you never know whether tastes are going to meet...
    HAve a great busy week !

  6. I love how you finished the bunny square. It is adorable

  7. Hi Lee! Love the bunny pinkeep! Adorable!

    I hope you got lots of relaxing stitching done. I was thinking, the kids were gone, the hubby too, what might help in this situation???? I'm thinking a little four legged fur baby is what you needed.

  8. The finishing on the pin keep looks great! You done a great job! One of the things that I love about exchanges and RAK's and things is that you almost always, as you said, get something you won't buy for yourself. And as you said it is refreshing to pick some of those items up and work with them! Great exchange package by the way!!!

  9. Such a cute little bunny. Love him and the finishing.