Monday, March 23, 2009

Daffodil Days

I love getting daffodils when the American Cancer Society has their daffodil days. Daffodils remind me of my dad. He used to send me daffodils on my birthday.

I shouldn't be fooling around online right now, but I'm feeling so burnt out and frustrated and I need a break and a bit of time to vent. Several things are going on, but the most pressing is the futility of trying to get my son home from his trip to San Diego. US-freaking-Air...UGH! He started out of San Diego yesterday morning, Sunday, and his flight out of SD was delayed by two hours due to mechanical problems. So...he missed his connecting flight in Phoenix. And once he got to Phoenix, he was told that they couldn't get him on another flight until 11:30 PM on Monday, and wouldn't arrive in Pittsburgh until Tuesday afternoon! And gave him a hotel voucher for one night and sent him on his way.

They wouldn't transfer his ticket to another airline,either. Well, yesterday I went online and purchased a Delta ticket for him, that should leave Phoenix at 12:30 today and he'll arrive in Pittsburgh tonight. Yes, it cost me, but whatever.

So - he arrived at the airport, checked in 90 minutes early, and was told that the Delta flight was overbooked. He's panicking, but he's a tough kid and I'm praying that he gets on this flight. After all, he can do this for 3000 meters (you don't have to watch the whole thing, but at least watch till the water hazard):

Update! John just called. He's on the plane and in a seat! Praise the Lord!


  1. Lee...this is just getting too wierd. I have the same McCoy pitcher. I'll post a pic on my blog.

    Last year my son was going back to CO after Christmas break and ended up spending 24 hours in the Denver airport. He had left his phone and his winter jacket at home! I was going nuts worrying about him! Turns out he was using his laptop in the airport and never even bothered to email me to let me know he was OK. He was shopping on EBAY though!

  2. I love the yellow flowers of spring - daffs, tulips, crocuses, forsythia. Yours are quite pretty.

    Sorry to hear John's having such a time of it. Bleah!

  3. I hope he gets home safely, what a pain!

  4. What a day you've had Lee! Glad John's on the plane and will be home soon. Hope your Tuesday is much better!

  5. I love daffodils, I love all spring flowers and can't wait to see them up here. So far no luck.
    Good to hear that your sone is finally on his way home.

  6. Ahhh, spring flowers. I love all of them, too.

    John's finding out early in his life just how much fun it is to travel! Just think of it as part of his educational experience. :)

  7. Love the flowers, they are so pretty and bright!! I am so glad that John is on his way home, well he is probably there by now!