Friday, March 06, 2009

Five days?

Yow! I've been away from my blog for five days now. I feel like things in all aspects of my life are piling up or getting away from me lately. Knowing that we turn the clocks back this Sunday is making me fret even more. I swear I'm becoming one big ball of nerves. And on top of this I'm trying so hard not to curse or swear.

I may implode.

So why on earth did I start another project?? Because I just plain felt like it and I couldn't stop myself. Sigh. I started Quaker Alphabet, by La-D-Da.

Ok, so now here are my current WIPs.
Starting at the top left, there's this Quaker project, then the continually-oh-so-close-to-finished Souvenir Sampler. Bottom left is a Just Nan biscornu, and on the right in all of its wrinkled splendor is Jan Houtmann's Tree of Life (about 2/3 complete).

I'm not even going to tell you about the new stuff that I've just ordered. That would make me sound truly crazy. So I'll wait and tell you in a few days when you all have completely forgotten about this idiotic post and I sound very normal again.


  1. ooo, I have that one too... I was actually looking at it yesterday... you may cause me to start! It's infectious! ;-)

  2. That's a nice start! I like your colour choices. I've been buying stash like a crazy person lately too, must be the start of Spring LOL!

  3. You have some great WIPs on the go. And one of them nearly finished.
    You know what I love about your new start? The colours! This light blue just pops out of the fabric. So lovely.

  4. I think we're all feeling a bit antsy these days, must be the anticipation of Spring. (Don't forget we turn the clock forward)Although, turning it back once more would give us an extra hour to stitch :-)

    Your WIPs look good, and I'll be looking to see all the new stuff you've gathered.

  5. Just pause and breath !!! lol I'd like to see the new stash though !!!

  6. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm still dithering about the colors.

    I for one would love to know what new stuff you ordered. I love love love Tree of Life (and the others are pretty enticing too).


  7. I've been soo good Lee, So very very good, but you and all the others are going to break me! I see that I'm in for some new stash. But honestly, nothing really pulls at me. Mabye I'm sick. I really wanted the new Blackbird stockings, but now that a few weeks have passed, I no longer want them that badly. There was a new market pattern by (I think) primitive needle that I really wanted, it would look great in my apartment, but it too has lost some of its greatness. Whats wrong with me?

    I need to start something, but that too isn't interesting me. Yep, I'm sick. I've got QV, but that is for stitching at home only, I need something to stitch while at work or while away from home.

    Decisions, decisions! I need help!

  8. Hey, we are turning the clocks on 29 th March - later than you are ! Why ?

  9. More stash?! You're doing your part for the economy, Lee. :) Can't wait to see what you bought.

    I'm sure you realize the clocks are jumping ahead one hour tonight, and were referring to going "back" to daylight savings time. Don't want you to be super disoriented on Sunday morning. :D

  10. Love the colours on your new start, very pretty and spring like. Can't wait to see your new stash, the chart I won has arrived so you can show off that new stash with a clear conscience! Thank you, I love it and the floss too. x