Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some more new stuff

Well, new to me, anyway. Some of you have had these designs since their names were first whispered in February! And now I've jumped on the Stitchy Bandwagon and bought one of the BBD stocking series, and the much-sought-after LHN Traveling Stitcher. They both look like a lot of fun, and I can't wait to try my hand at making my own pouch for the LHN design. I'm not too fond of pink, anyway, so making my own pouch was probably in the cards anyway.

Here's more progress on Quaker Alphabet:Those are two un-tucked threads on the right. Not two weird lines of stitching veering off to nowhere. I think I'll finish the second row of letters, then switch to another project. QA is going quickly, but I've recently re-opened my old JH Tree of Life and I know I could make a serious dent in that.

Oh, and if you like Anagram designs, head over to The French Needle. I was SO in love with this a year ago, but never bought it. Well, it's on sale now for a mere $5.00! My fingers have never moved so fast.

Dave will be back home tonight from his golf trip. He won a couple of pots, if that's what you call it in golf (skins, maybe?) and he was warned that he had better buy me something nice with that money. Something tells me a t-shirt is in my future... I love him to bits, but why does he think that a t-shirt is always the perfect gift when he's away on a trip? Even a hoodie would be a nice change!


  1. I was just cruising around Edgar's blog and clicked onto yours. I was on The French Needle's site today and I also bought the Seasons sampler (how could you pass it up for 5 bucks!). I also love monograms, so I had to buy a couple of those books as well.

  2. I really like those BBD stockings. Lucky buy on the Seasons sampler. I bought it when they were running them at half got a super deal!

  3. The Anagram sampler comes cheaper than if it had been bought in France !
    My DH never gave me a T-shirt as a gift... He gives me boxes of chocolates and sweets, and then I cannot fit into my T-shirts any longer...:-[

  4. Great progress on Quaker A;phabet!
    I love the Four Seasons too. I have had it in my stash for ages.
    I paid a lot more than $5 for it too!
    Oh well. Someday I will get to it!

  5. The BBD stockings are so lovely and are on my to-buy-list.
    I love your Quaker Alpahbet. You chose such nice colours for it.
    Anagram Four Seasons is one of my WIPs and I really love it. I still have one season left then it will be done - hopefully this year.

  6. You will enjoy your traveling stitcher...I know for sure! I love mine! I think that I might have to jump in on the stocking bandwagon too...I'm liking them the more I see them!

  7. Lovely new stash! You are making beautiful progress on your WIP! It is looking just lovely! Hope you enjoy your new T-shirt LOL!! Hey who knows, maybe he will surprise you this time!

  8. So what did he get you? : )
    Sean is headed for Vegas for a school conference-wonder if he'll buy us just t-shirts?
    Your Quaker project is coming along nicely.

  9. OMG I so have to get that Quaker Alphabet!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

  10. Your Quaker Alphabet looks great!

  11. Thanks for the link to French Needleworks. Progress of your QA is looking good and those are must have stash :D