Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This and that

Before I start, Thank You for all of your super nice comments on my recent BAP finish. I appreciate all of them. My family has watched me stitch for 25 years, so their reaction is kind of ho-hum. They appreciate it...they just don't do cartwheels like you guys. And I love your comment cartwheels!

I've been one lucky girl lately! Do you know that I've won three giveaways so far this year? Crazy, huh? But true.

First of all, I have to show you this gift that arrived in yesterday's mail.This was a prize giveaway that Anna held for her fifth year of blogging anniversary. Isn't it great? It's a pincushion for my wrist and it's absolutely lovely. And here's a picture of it actually on my wrist. (Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own hand?)I think it's great! I love the design, she's stitched it beautifully, and the finish is inventive and perfectly done. And I'll use it all the time. Thank you Anna!

Not too long ago I won another gift from Susan, who had stitched up BBD's Small Token (she must stitch faster than lightning...) and was giving away the chart. Then, she added to her giveaway by sending the overdyed floss, also! (Lucky? Oh yeah.) By the way, pop over to her blog and take a look at her recent red finish - a fabulous red sampler stitched in red - - - over one! It's beautiful.

And C just dropped me an email to say that she's mailed a prize I won on her blog a couple of weeks ago. (It's crazy, I know. I never win anything and so this is nuts. Three wins? I expect the earth to crack open and swallow me up any day now). Anyway, I'll share that with you when it arrives.

Then there's Rachel, who has given me a sweet award, the Special Friends Award.

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines."

Maybe not everyone knows this, but although she lives 300 miles away, Rachel and I have met in real life. We had a few hours of stitching among other online friends, and my impression of Rachel is that she is kind. And genuine. There's not one thing artificial about her. So, I can't think of a nicer compliment than to receive this from her.

And now it's my turn to pass this on! Hmmm. Eight people. Hmmmm.

1. Craft-i-leigh: I can't find your blog, but you've commented on so many of our blogs that I figure you're reading around here somewhere. And besides that, you love Jason Mraz, just like me, so you have to be a good person.

2. enabler, you. My credit card thanks you.

3. Nic, who really isn't mad at all, but is actually quite sweet.

4. Doris, who I'm only just getting to know, but I enjoy reading her blog. And I see that one of her favorite books was Ahab's Wife , which is also one of my all-time favorites.

5. Next would beValie, with gorgeous projects and photography in her blog, and who is super generous with her praise and comments.

6. Anna has probably received this award already, but I'm sending it to her again. She's cheered me on through four years of Souvenir Sampler and I'm grateful!

7. Barb who I think is actually "Parallel Universe Lee, Living in Ohio". Except she's probably nicer than me. So maybe she's "Alternate Universe Lee if She Was a Nicer Person and Happened to be Living in Ohio". One day we'll have to get together and see which one of these is true.

8. And last but not least, Julie deserves this award. She's a busy gal - works full time and cares for an elderly grandmother. And she still takes the time to be a good friend both online and off. I love ya, Julie!

Some of you may have received it already, and if so, you're just too darn popular for your own good, and now you pass it on twice!

Yikes! I'd better go. Corporate taxes are finished and they won't mail themselves...


  1. I just love the pin cushion! That is great and it looks like it is the perfect size for the wrist too! Congrats on the award!!!!

  2. What a cute pin cushin...Clever little idea.

    Thank you for the award. I really appreciate it.

  3. That's a lovely pin cushion :) Now it goes on my to do list ! Congrats also on the award :)

  4. Winning three times after a long time of not winning anything means you are lucky, girl. Who knows, maybe this will happen to me as well because I have never won anything so far, lol.
    Enjoy your wonderful goodies.

  5. That is one fabulous wrist pincushion...and a lovey arm, wrist and fingers you have my dear....mine wouldn't look anything as lovely as yours :o)
    And I mean that sincerely!

  6. Well, thank you for the award - I feel very much honoured.

  7. Hello Lee,

    Wow, beautiful cushion :) And what a nice idea!!

    Thanks for your comment ;)

    Hugs from Hungary,


  8. Thanks for the award! It's easy to cheer you on--much harder to actually be self-motivating...haha.

    I'm glad you like the pincushion. And thanks for saying it was perfectly finished. I'm going to try to believe you.

  9. Wow! Thanks for the award and the comments on our parallel lives. But...I am absolutely sure that you are nicer than me and have a much more interesting life than I do!

    Maybe you should be buying lottery tickets these days :)

  10. Cute pincushion! Glad you are so lucky lately. : )
    I agree with what you said about Rachel. I have chatted with her on the phone and I know I probably have bent her poor ear back. I hope she comes out to Longwood Gardens this summer as she made it to the Brandywine River Museum on Valentine's Day. : )
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. LOL, I love your award comments.

    Your wristband pincushion is just darling. Congrats on winning such a sweet gift!

  12. Love the pin cushion, I really must get back to cross stitching again. Congrats on the award!

  13. Lovely pin cushion and congratulations on you many other wins :-)
    Lovely blog btw, i enjoyed reading

  14. Wow, three wins! How lucky you are! The pin cushion is wonderful and such a useful accessory. Anna did an excellent job with the finishing.