Monday, March 16, 2009

Three stages of stitching

Brand new (BRD Read Between the Lines)! Can't wait to put needle to fabric for this!

In Progress (La-D-Da, Quaker Alphabet):

I'm learning about these Quaker patterns. Well, at least this particular Quaker. And that is...take nothing for granted. Just because there are 28 stitches on the left side of one motif, don't bet that there are 28 stitches on its right side. I had been counting and ripping and counting and ripping - until I finally realized that the logic I was looking for just didn't exist. I don't think this is specific to this design or this designer, either. because I've been seeing this observation posted in other blogs.

Finished and framed (LHN Spot of Coffee):
Another thing not to take for granted? When you buy a piece of precut acid free mount board, don't assume that it's square! I kept wondering why Spot of Coffee looked crooked, when I knew that I had carefully placed and laced?? But the bottom right corner seemed to wander off downward like a drunken sailor. Turns out that the mount board was crooked.

Johnny arrived safely in San Diego. Colleen loved the Warhol. Dave played relatively rainfree golf. And I indulged in too much TV. Three Netflix DVD's, the new NBC show called The King, and Masterpiece Theatre's David Copperfield. Daniel Radcliffe was such a cutie, you could just pinch his cheeks.

Hey! My last post was #555! Isn't that funny? Well, maybe just to me....


  1. Spot of Coffee looks wonderful, lovely framing job :) I love the colors of your Quaker Alphabet. And you've got a really nice new project to start too!!! Happy stitching!

  2. Love your finish of Spot of Coffee, your new chart and your WIP :-)
    i'm going in search of La-D-Da quaker Alphabet now, see what youve done loll

  3. I have the same problem with quakers...I want them to be completely symmetrical...and they just aren't sometimes! Beautiful frame for that's perfect!

  4. Hey, I like numbers and coincidences, just like you do. In once travelled on a train starting at 20:20, and my seat number was 20in car 20 ! I loved the notion. Alright, numbers are not that square with Quaker patterns - but you'll make it eventually. ;-)

  5. You finish framed piece looks fantastic! Your WIP is just looking amazing! From what I understand about the Quaker sampler designs . . . Way back when they were used for girls to practice their needlework. That is why there is always letters and just different shapes, animals and such. It was just a bunch of samples on one design for the girls to practice with. It is just my assumption that they won't be perfect in their counting either because that would help the girls learn to always count and it helped them practice with their counting as well. That is what I understand anyway!

  6. Spot of Coffee is beautifully framed. Congratulations!
    The Bookmark Sampler by BRD looks gorgeous, what an interesting project. I think I'll have to have it ...