Sunday, April 05, 2009


Hi gang! I'm excitedly waiting for my HandiClamp scroll frames to arrive in the mail. I had Tree of Life in a cheap scroll frame that didn't nearly accommodate its crazy width, so I had folded the right and left sides of the sampler inward to make it fit. Kinda. And now it's time to move it, and I can't move it without folding the right side a lot and squishing the stitching. So I'll wait for my new HandiClamp. In the meantime, ToL is out of the frame and resting in its box.

Hey, you have to look at this:Meari's blog has a very cool mailart envelope that she created using Lizzie Kate's Tea Crazy. Here are tiny pictures of it, and go to her blog to see better ones.

That is too cool. I absolutely love it when someone choses a design that I like to begin with, and then personalizes it and creates a finished project that becomes something that is even better. How exciting!

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  1. That's a really cool piece of mail art!!

    I love your Tree of Life sampler--soooo pretty! And the BBD stocking, too. I kept putting off getting into them and last night went to bed dreaming of BBDs. Again. Ack.

    I hear you on the worrying about the kids. I think it's the side effect of motherhood. I worry constantly, 24/7. If something goes wrong or they're upset, it's worse. I drive my DH crazy. :P I hope things go well with the colleges, etc.!